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About spelling

Spelling is the writing of one or more words with letters and diacritics. In addition, the term often, but not always, means an accepted standard spelling or the process of naming the letters.

It is a set of conventions that regulate the way of using graphemes а writing system to represent a language in its written form. In other words, spelling is the rendering of speech sound (phoneme) into writing (grapheme). Spelling is one of the elements of orthography, and highly standardised spelling is a prescriptive element.

Spellings originated as transcriptions of the sounds of spoken language according to the alphabetic principle. They remain largely reflective of the sounds, although fully phonemic spelling is an ideal that most languages' orthographies only approximate, some more closely than others. This is true for various reasons, including that pronunciation changes over time in all languages, yet spellings as visual norms may resist change. In addition, words from other languages may be adopted without being adapted to the spelling system, and different meanings of a word or homophones may be deliberately spelled in different ways to differentiate them visually.

Standardisation of spelling is connected with the development of writing and the establishment of modern standard dialects. Languages with established orthography are those languages that enjoy an official status and a degree of institutional support in a country. Therefore, normative spelling is a relatively recent development linked to the compiling of dictionaries, the founding of national academies and other institutions of language maintenance, including widespread education and literacy, and often does not apply to minority and regional languages.

Why is spelling important?

As spelling and literacy have reached their apogee across all of human history, so too has the demands on the quality of delivery. 

Spelling is important for three reasons: Communication: Spelling is a critical component of communication. Literacy: Spelling and reading skills are closely related and help develop overall literacy. Employment: Spelling quality has a direct impact on employment opportunities

While autocorrect and spelling software has become a given in our lives, the importance of spelling hasn’t lessened – it’s actually never been more important.

85% of people around the world are connected online and receive email, while 62% of them communicate through social media. The spectrum of risk can be negligible, like sending someone to the wrong address, to lethal, if sending someone instructions on prescriptions.

Are spelling lessons expensive? 

Spelling lessons can benefit many people from children to adults. These lessons will help you in school, in your work and in life. With the TutorExtra platform you can find the spelling teacher you like the most and contact him/her with any questions you have regarding your first lessons. The lessons vary between £20-50 depending on what level you want your lessons to be. 

Investing in spelling lessons is definitely a good idea for everyone. Especially if you are a student or at a job position where you communicate a lot. These lessons are fun and interesting so you will have a great time the whole time. 

Key details about your Spelling sessions

✅ Experts available : 66
✅ Average price : £25/hr
✅ Session format : Face-to-Face or Online
✅ First lesson free : Yes
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