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What is Pilates?

Pilates exercises were developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, with the original aim of rehabilitating prisoners of war.

Joseph Pilates himself described the system of exercises as "controlling", or to put it another way - Pilates practice requires intense concentration, focusing around the abdominal area, strong stretching and focused breathing. Years later, after it became clear that this type of exercise could improve the physical and mental state of anyone who practised it, it became a widespread and highly effective practice around the world.

Pilates exercises are designed to achieve good health and physical conditioning for the whole spectrum of ages. They are particularly effective for people who have suffered physical injuries, as well as those who suffer from various types of debilitating diseases (arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain). There are also Pilates method exercises for young children.

What kind of exercises do you perform during Pilates classes?

The focus of the exercises is on strengthening the abdominal area, increasing muscle strength and tone, achieving mental balance and improving overall coordination, balance and flexibility. One of the main reasons why daily exercises are so well received is the fact that they promote muscle tone and lead to achieving an aesthetically pleasing figure and appearance. The Pilates fitness program is based on 6 basic principles: centering, control, precision, concentration, breathing and fluidity. The similarity with other types of exercise, such as yoga and Tai Chi, is obvious.

In Joseph Pilates' view, the circulation of blood through the entire body awakens all the cells and this eliminates the causes of fatigue. The practitioner should focus on performing an established sequence of movements in order to maximise health benefits. The Pilates system does not require performing multiple repetitions of the same movement, rather each movement or series of movements must be performed with great precision and control. According to those familiar with the practice, it is the execution of each movement and series of movements with proper form, control, and precision that is the basis for achieving meaningful results toward improved health. In addition to achieving muscle strength and tone, the exercise complex can increase soft tissue and joint flexibility and is an ideal option for individuals looking to supplement their aerobic and/or strength training routines, as well as for people who want to try a different and unique type of exercise.

What are the benefits of Pilates lessons?

As already noted, regular practice of Pilates brings with it significant health, physical and mental benefits. Those familiar with these techniques note improved joint mobility, increased body flexibility, improved balance and coordination, and improved blood circulation throughout the body as important benefits. Performing the exercises also results in increased strength in the abdominal area, improved muscle tone, body sculpting and slimming, reduced back, neck and joint pain and an improvement in the practitioner's ability to control the body and calm the mind. This, of course, also includes achieving correct body posture both when sitting and moving to overcome pain and injuries you may have suffered from in the past.

Key details about your Pilates sessions

✅ Experts available : 10
✅ Average price : £38/hr
✅ Session format : Face-to-Face or Online
✅ First lesson free : Yes
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