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Further Mathematics Lessons Near Me

About Further Mathematics

Further mathematics is a name given to more advanced secondary mathematics courses. It is usually intended for students who want to learn more beyond the standard level. While it could be a good choice and beneficial for some students, it is definitely not every student's interest to take lessons in further mathematics. 

Specifically in the United Kingdom, the term is used to describe a course studied on top of the standard AS-Level and A-level courses. Some universities like the Imperial College in London and University of Cambridge even require their candidates to have taken further mathematics in school in order to be accepted into some of their courses. 

Why should you study Further Mathematics?

As previously mentioned, studying further maths isn’t for everyone. It is meant for those who excel in the subject and want to potentially continue studying mathematics at university. Taking courses in A Level Further Mathematics is a great way to prepare for a degree in maths. Many universities across the UK encourage potential candidates to take these lessons as they teach them a wider range of content and make the transition into university studies easier. 

Not all universities in the United Kingdom require students to have taken a Further Mathematics course, however around a third of them do. It is important to look into this when you or your child are choosing a university to apply for after school. Apart from those interested in maths, students who wish to pursue a degree in engineering, computing or physical sciences should also potentially look into it. 

Last but certainly not least, one of the biggest reasons to study further mathematics are the potential career opportunities. With the continuous improvements in technology the need for mechanical engineers, software engineers, data analysts and IT specialists is skyrocketing. Studying further mathematics can not only help you get into the university course you wanted, but also give you a great foundation to build on from there. 

What do you study in Further Mathematics?

Further Mathematics is not necessarily more difficult than A level maths, however it covers a more broad spectrum of topics which could make it more challenging. The course will focus on topics such as pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics. Further statistics and further mechanics both go over in more detail and expand the knowledge already gained by students in the standard A-level. 

On the other hand, pure mathematics, which plays a big part in the further mathematics course, will prepare students on topics such as matrices, complex numbers, polar coordinates, proof by induction and more. 

Are Further Mathematics lessons expensive?

The price of further mathematics lessons depends entirely on the teachers. Not every school offers extra classes on this subject so you might have to look for a private tutor.

At TutorExtra we offer a variety of highly qualified teachers who are waiting for you to contact them. Prices start at around £15 an hour and can go up to £60 depending on the tutor. 

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