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About 11 Plus 

The 11 Plus is an exam that children take in their last year of primary school in England and Northern Ireland. The results of the exam are used to select students into different grammar schools across the United Kingdom. The first Eleven Plus exam took place in 1944 and had the idea to serve as an intelligence test for children, but unlike the standard IQ test it also checks taught curriculum skills. 

The name of the exam comes from the age the children usually are when they take the exam (11-12). 

Which subjects are tested during the 11 Plus Exam?

Depending on the location and which school they’re attending, the exam may differ, however it usually includes one or more of the following subjects: 

Even though the questions might vary depending on the school, they will all be fairly similar as all of them aim to test the same skills. 

How to adequately prepare for the exam?

In order to successfully prepare your child, we advise you to give them enough time to practice. Start preparing at least a few months earlier with regular exercises. This will give you plenty of time to identify their strengths and weaknesses and prepare them mentally so they aren’t as nervous. The exam will consist of both multiple choice questions as well as open ended ones, so it is important to prepare for both. 

It is important to remember that the exam is prepared for “students who have not done any preparation”. Which means that everything in the exam will be explained as if the student is seeing it for the very first time. This means that it isn’t as necessary for your child to study specific questions, but rather have an overall understanding of what he has to do and be calm and ready for it. 

Is there a passing grade for the exam?

The passing grade varies depending on the region and the school you want to apply for. Furthermore it may vary from year to year. This is because there are a certain number of grammar schools with limited spots in them, so the number of accepted students must be in line with the available places. 

Some schools might not even have a passing grade, but will instead use a “cut off” system, which means they will accept the students with the highest scores until they fill in their spots. 

Are private lessons expensive?

Eleven Plus exams can be a stressful period for students and sometimes a trained tutor can really help them prepare both academically and mentally. At TutorExtra eleven plus lessons with tutors start from around £20 and go up to around £50 depending on the teacher you choose. Depending on their teaching methods and the needs of your child, you can also acquire some extra materials to help in the preparation.

Browse through our website of fully qualified tutors and choose the one that fits your child the best.

Key details about your Eleven Plus sessions

✅ Experts available : 42
✅ Average price : £25/hr
✅ Session format : Online
✅ First lesson free : Yes
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