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Verbal Reasoning lessons near me

About Verbal Reasoning

Put in simple terms, verbal reasoning is a form of problem solving that relies on words and language. Most of the time, tests that include verbal reasoning involve solving word problems, following written instructions to come up with a solution, cracking letter based codes and reading texts. 

The goal of tests like these is to test a student or a child’s ability to understand and solve problems using words. They give a better understanding of how well a child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills are developing. 

Is Verbal Reasoning hard to master for children?

As we all know, every child is different so there isn’t one universal answer to this question. Some children naturally have a talent for verbal reasoning while others don’t. This isn’t necessarily a skill that they learn in school, so just because they might be good at reading and spelling, that doesn’t mean they won’t struggle with some of the questions. 

Some of the most important skills a child will need are patience and concentration. Students who tend to rush-through tasks will have a harder time understanding some of the tasks. Luckily, even if your child is struggling in the beginning, verbal reasoning is a skill they can develop over time with enough practice. 

How can I help my child improve their Verbal Reasoning?

One of the best things you can do to help your child is encourage reading from an early age. It’s not really surprising, considering verbal reasoning relies entirely on words and language problems. By reading more, your child will not only expand their vocabulary but also gain more general knowledge. 

Apart from that, there are also other things you can do to help out your child:

You can play word games with them. You can find lists of words online and let them spot the odd one out or find simple crossword puzzles that you can solve together. 

Other games like hangman are also perfect when learning new words and how they are spelled. 

Last but not least, there are plenty of verbal reasoning example tests online that you can download and give to your child. Make it a weekly exercise and later make sure to go over the exam with them and explain their mistakes. Tests like these will not only improve your child’s verbal skills, but will also give them a clearer idea of how future exams they’ll take might look. This is particularly useful for kids who tend to get more nervous or have a harder time working with a time limit. 

Can I sign up my child for Verbal Reasoning lessons?

Absolutely! Not every parent has enough time on their hands and there are plenty of teachers who teach verbal reasoning. TutorExtra offers a variety of qualified tutors who are ready to help your child out. Prices usually vary between £20 and £50 an hour depending on the teacher. 

Browse through our website and find the most suitable tutor for your child!

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