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What is Kung Fu?

In general, the term "kung fu" refers to the Chinese martial arts, which are also called wushu and kuanfa. In China, it refers to any teaching, training or practise that requires patience, energy and time. In its original meaning, "kung fu" can refer to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice - not martial arts.

There are many forms of Kung Fu - Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, etc. - practised around the world. Each different form has its own principles and techniques, but there is a characteristic cunning and quickness to all of them, hence the word "kung fu''. It was not until the late 20th century that this term was used to refer to martial arts by the Chinese community. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term "kung fu'' as "a primarily unarmed Chinese martial art resembling karate." This illustrates how the meaning of this term has changed in English and accordingly in the Western world. The origin of this change can be attributed to the misunderstanding or mistranslation of the term in movie subtitles or voiceovers.

What are the benefits of Kung Fu lessons and classes?

Martial arts and kung fu are much more than just kicking, punching, grappling and grappling. They not only improve one's physical strength, but also help achieve harmony and balance between mind, body and spirit. Read below to discover the various health benefits of practising martial arts and learn why they are so much more than just fighting.

Martial arts and Kung Fu in particular have an extremely positive effect on cardiovascular health. They improve heart rate while increasing blood flow throughout the body. They are excellent for strengthening heart muscles and keeping blood vessels flexible and open.

Each type of martial art improves coordination, balance and speeds up your reflexes. Kung Fu in particular consists of specific movements that help you develop focus and concentration skills as well as physical agility. Kung Fu moves teach you how to move freely, shift your weight from one foot to the other, transfer energy throughout your body and change directions quickly and easily.

Kung Fu is also extremely suitable for children. For adolescents, it is important to create habits early on to maintain good physical shape and perseverance. Also, to learn discipline and respect. The rules of combat sports rely on just this. Training is the perfect option to educate our children in a fun way, in a controlled environment.

Are Kung Fu lessons expensive?

Kung Fu is a martial art that has many benefits for everyone who practises it. Kung Fu lessons and classes are not expensive at all and they are definitely a great investment in your health, body and mind well being. Anyone can participate in these classes no matter what age he/she is. Kung Fu will increase your flexibility, strength and discipline. The classes are interesting and entertaining. Everyone who teaches Kung Fu is a professional and you can trust them fully.

Key details about your Kung Fu sessions

✅ Experts available : 7
✅ Session format : Face-to-Face or Online
✅ First lesson free : Yes
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