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Physical Education courses near me

About physical education

Physical education, also commonly known as PE, is a course taught in schools which focuses on developing the physical fitness levels of students. PE classes prepare children to be physically and mentally active and stay healthy while they are growing up. 

Although the importance of physical education often gets overlooked, in reality it is a vital part of every school curriculum. It promotes a healthy lifestyle that can teach young students how important it is to take care of their health and bodies. 

Why should my child attend physical education classes?

Not only does physical education promote an active lifestyle but it also teaches important life skills. Regular classes can teach children confidence and how to compete with their peers. Children get to experience stretching, running and all types of movement on a regular basis and understand the role PE plays in their lives.

During classes students will get to try out different sports like football, basketball and athletics. These sports, especially the ones involving teams, will help them develop teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, because they will be pushed out of their comfort zones and be forced to challenge themselves, they will improve their decision-making and risk management.

Overall, physical education will help your child learn how important it is to stay active. It will give them a foundation to build upon which will hopefully lead them to an active and healthy lifestyle as adults. 

Is there a right age for my child to start physical education?

There is no specific rule regarding the right age to start. Regardless of how old your child is, all children need to be active, especially when they’re young. They constantly have energy and want to run around. After the age of 6 it is recommended that kids start getting around an hour of moderate physical activity every day.

Physical education is one of the easiest ways to get them to exert their built up energy and let them have fun while at school

Why should we sign up for extra physical education classes?

Extra physical education classes are certainly not necessary for everyone. However, they could be extremely useful for kids who don’t like their class or just don't feel comfortable in front of others. Not only that, it’s also a great way to improve mentally, get fitter, and gain extra practise. All the while doing what they enjoy under the guidance of a professional 

Are physical education classes expensive?

Prices of PE lessons depend entirely on the teacher you find and how often you wish to practise. If you’re not sure where to look, TutorExtra offers a wide variety of qualified tutors who teach in over 1000 subjects. Browse through our website and find the right teacher near you.

Classes in physical education start at around £15 and go up to £40 depending on the teacher you choose. Some tutors might also offer a trial lesson where you can discuss the learning programme and ask any questions you might have before deciding to commit. 

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