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Astronomy lessons near me

About Astronomy

Astronomy is a natural science that studies everything in the universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere. This includes objects we regularly see with our own eyes like the Sun, the Moon and stars, but also faraway galaxies, comets, nebulas and other celestial objects. Astrology uses physics, chemistry and mathematics in order to try and understand and explain the origin of the universe and all of its mysteries. 

Why study Astronomy?

Astronomy is for those who have a sense of curiosity. People who want to go above and beyond to discover new and uncharted territories and attempt to make new discoveries. It is fundamentally important for the development of the human kind to keep exploring and pushing our boundaries of understanding through the power of scientific inquiry. 

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, astronomy is actually a very diverse field. It has applications across numerous different industries ranging from aerospace and energy to medicine. There are also many different fields within astronomy itself. Astronomers tend to be classified according to the astronomical objects they choose to study - planets, galaxies, stars, solar systems, etc. Because of this many of them have different skills, some are observationalists, while others consider themselves theoreticians and instrumentalists. Although there are some who know all of these things, most specialise in one or two. 

Last but certainly not least, being an astronomer can be an incredibly fulfilling job. Although it’s hard work and breakthroughs often take months or even years, astronomers have the responsibility to bridge the gap between the mystery of space and most people around the world. Making new discoveries is great but sharing them with the public is the real reward.

What do astronomers do?

The goal of astronomers is to study the origin of the universe and figure out how everything originated and how it works. As mentioned previously, most astronomers choose what to specialise in. If you work as an observationalist, you’ll use telescopes and various other tools to look at the stars and galaxies and gather data that you’ll have to analyse and interpret. Theoretical astronomy on the other hand focuses on creating models using computer programs that simulate stars or supernovas (depending on the celestial object you’re studying). Last but not least, instrumentalists specialise in building new instruments like telescopes that make measurements more precise.

Furthermore, astronomers get to choose which celestial objects they study:

  • Stars
  • Galaxies
  • Planets
  • Supernovas and more!

Most modern research in astronomy involves significant computer programming and modelling, whether you work with real data from observatories or do theoretical work.

Can I sign up for Astronomy lessons?

You definitely can! Regardless if you need help during your degree or you're just curious and want to find out more, there are plenty of options available. One of the best options is signing up for lessons with a tutor. TutorExtra offers a wide variety of qualified tutors that you can choose from. Browse through our website and find the one that you like the most!

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