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What is а motivational coach?

A motivational coach is someone who helps you work through problems in life and offers their encouragement along the way. That’s not to say that a motivational coach is someone who blindly offers their support 100% of the time. A quality coach doesn’t just throw meaningless affirmations at you – they offer objective advice on how to improve your situation and will help you strike a balance between where you currently are and where you want to be.

Why does a motivational coach do?

These are a few things that a motivational coach can help you with.

Assessing your situation: Where are you at currently, and where do you want to be? Sometimes it can be challenging to look at your situation objectively. A motivational coach will help you assess your current situation so you have a better understanding of how you can move forward.

Setting clear goals: Why do you want the help of a coach? It’s because you want to accomplish something that you haven’t yet been able to do on your own, or you simply want the expertise of someone who’s already achieved success in their own life. Your coach will teach you the best possible goal-setting strategies, so you’re focused on your ultimate outcome instead of short-term fulfilment.

Creating an action plan: Your coach will create a personalised action plan for you and your goals, so you have the biggest shot at success. They’ll fill you in on the strategies and tools you need to achieve your ultimate outcome, and they’ll provide insight along the way if you begin to feel unsure of your path.

Tracking progress: Achieving goals isn’t as simple as creating a plan, you also need to manage your progress. Your coach will hold you accountable along the way, helping you to see your progress more clearly. Additionally, if you find something isn’t working, you’ll work alongside your coach to modify your plan.

Who needs a motivational coach?

Enlisting the services of a motivational coach doesn’t mean you’re incapable of accomplishing your goals on your own – it simply means you’d benefit from having some extra support along the way. Many of the world’s most successful business people, athletes and entrepreneurs rely on the help of coaches. Whether you’re trying to reach a big goal, like becoming the CEO of a company or trying to modify your everyday routine by being more present for your family and friends, a coach can help you to meet, and even exceed, your goals.

A coach’s role in your search for motivation is to help you uncover what your ‘why’ is and what’s diminishing your motivation. They can help you identify what’s stopping you and work with you to overcome any obstacles. They may suggest new perspectives and offer inspirational resources. Different techniques may be advised, like meditation and journaling.

Their job won’t be to motivate you but, instead, help you discover your own motivation and give you the tools you need to keep the fires burning bright. Once you’ve unearthed your motivation, they can help you formulate clear goals to help you achieve what it is you’re trying to achieve. With motivation as your driving force, this part is all about taking action and making things happen.

Key details about your Motivational Coaching sessions

✅ Experts available : 13
✅ Average price : £63/hr
✅ Session format : Face-to-Face or Online
✅ First lesson free : Yes
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