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About Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care (which is often abbreviated as H&SC) is a subject that combines elements from biology, sociology, nutrition, law and ethics. The study allows students to explore areas that influence how we develop throughout life and teaches them how to live successful and healthy lives.

Depending on their qualifications and wishes, after they finish their studies students can start off as care assistants and later follow careers as doctors, paramedics, nurses, social workers, psychotherapists and more.

What do you study in Health & Social Care?

As mentioned previously the course typically consists of a combination of other subjects. 

  • Biology - Biology plays a particularly important part in Health & Social Care classes as many students wish to pursue a career in healthcare. They learn about how humans grow and develop physically as well as studying a wide range of illnesses and their treatments.
  • Law and ethics - students in H&SC require good base knowledge in the legal aspects of what is required of care practitioners. They need to have up-to-date knowledge of different laws regarding human rights, discrimination, welfare and so on. 
  • Ethics - when students start working in the healthcare sector they will have to deal with and support individuals who feel like they’ve been treated unfairly or don’t have access to appropriate care services. Confidentiality, privacy and exercise of personal choice are ethical dilemmas encountered on a daily basis in the field of social care. 
  • Nutrition - Health and social care also opens up career options for people interested in nutrition. Students are taught more about how to create and implement personalised diets for people using care services. 

Overall the subject of Health & Social Care covers a very wide range of topics and incorporates various different elements. Students will get the opportunity to study different courses and decide for themselves what exactly they want to specialise in later on in their careers. 

Why study Health & Social Care?

First and foremost, becoming a healthcare professional is an extremely responsible position that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Students who pursue this career path should be aware of the challenges ahead and decide for themselves if this is their calling. However, apart from the responsibility, becoming a healthcare professional is surely one of the most rewarding careers. You will get the opportunity to work with and help some of the most vulnerable people within your community. A lot of satisfaction comes with the job as you get to make a real impact on people's lives on a regular basis. 

Furthermore, apart from satisfaction, H&SC presents you with great and diverse career opportunities. As mentioned previously there is a wide variety of fields you can specialise in later on in your career and choose the one which interests you the most. 

Last but certainly not least, the job is very diverse on a day-to-day basis which ensures you’re never going to get bored. Moreover if you wish to expand your horizons and travel, you will be able to find a job almost anywhere with the knowledge you’ve acquired. 

Can I take Health & Social Care lessons?

Absolutely! TutorExtra offers a variety of tutors ready to teach you everything you need to know. Browse through our website, find the right teacher for you and contact them straight away!

Key details about your Health & Social Care sessions

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