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What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is one of the most popular combat sports around the world. Kickboxing derives its name from classic boxing as it incorporates punching and other striking techniques. There are different styles of kickboxing including Dutch-style, Karate, Sanda, Kun Khmer and Muay Thai.

Today, kickboxing is practised for competitive, fitness and recreational purposes by all ages, genders and nationalities. Many movies about kickboxing sports have also been produced over the years, most notably, Jean Claude Van Damme’s Kickboxer and Bloodsport.

To help you learn more in-depth about kickboxing, we will go into detail in this special feature to discuss its history, benefits, competitive rules, as well as the difference compared to boxing and Muay Thai.

What do you do in Kickboxing lessons and courses?

As its name suggests, kickboxing is a striking style that incorporates punches and kicks. In reality, it is an umbrella term for a wide range of combat and martial arts styles.

The essence of kickboxing is that it is a stand-up fighting style. This is to say that it focuses on striking and there is no ground fighting involved. The range of techniques depends on the individual type of kickboxing style. Other than standard punching techniques similar to western boxing, kickboxing techniques typically include kicks and knee strikes. Some kickboxing styles involve elbow strikes, some grappling and even headbutts.

Modern kickboxing sports often adopt a very similar set of rules allowing punches, kicks, with limited grappling/clinching.

What are the benefits of Kickboxing?

Let’s explore the health benefits of kickboxing workouts as well as other benefits from training kickboxing.

  • Better Fitness. If you are looking to get fitter and stronger, kickboxing is an ideal exercise to take up. Kickboxing training is a full-body workout that is both cardio and muscular intensive. With regular kickboxing training, better fitness is not a matter of if, just a matter of when.

  • Weight Loss. Kickboxing workouts usually last 1-2 hours, and may burn up to 1000 calories each session. With a balanced diet, regular kickboxing training can be a great addition to any weight loss plan. There aren’t many exercises that are as effective as kickboxing in burning calories.

  • Self-Defence. When you take up kickboxing, you will effectively learn combat skills. Kickboxing is an all-rounded fighting style that has both long-range and short-range striking techniques. It also covers offensive and defensive movements. When there is no way to run, knowing how to fight is a life skill worth having.

  • Stress Relief. Besides seeing fitness improvements, kickboxing benefits can also be mental or psychological. Kickboxing is an intensive exercise that triggers positive feeling as a result of endorphins secretion within the brain and nervous system after working out. This helps in stress management, helping to relax and improves sleep quality.

  • Builds Confidence. When you get fitter and look better, seeing improvements over time, your self-confidence naturally improves. Additionally, knowing that you are able to protect yourself with self-defence skills adds to that confidence.
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