Drum and Percussion lessons near me

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Drum lessons near me

About Drums and Percussion

Drums are a member of the percussion group of musical instruments. Percussion musical instruments are played by being struck by a beater or other similar instruments. Drums are considered to be the oldest musical instruments in the world due to their simplistic design which has remained mostly unchanged for thousands of years. 

The modern day drum kit was created in the early 20th century and consists of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments. The main difference is that it is set up in a way which allows it to be played by a single player who uses drumsticks in both hands and pedals. Before that, many bands had more than one person playing the drums. 

Is it hard to learn how to play the drums? 

Most people consider drums an easier instrument to learn, however the coordination and skills it takes to play more complex songs can take a long time to master.

As with any instrument, it all depends on your level of commitment and what level of proficiency you’re after. If you want to learn the very basics and you spend enough time on it, you can do that within a few days/weeks. However if you want to really become proficient then it will probably take around a year or more, depending on how much time you set aside. 

How can I practice the drums without driving everyone crazy?

One of the obvious issues with playing the drums, compared to most other instruments, is undoubtedly how loud they are. You can usually get away with quietly playing your guitar or piano at home, but if you do the same with your drum kit, chances are your neighbours might not be too happy.

However, have no fear, there are a few solutions available. You can get rubber drum mutes to cover your drums so they make less sound. You might have to hit the drums a bit harder when using this method, but at least it won’t be as loud. Another solution, and one of the most cost-efficient and common ones is buying practice pads. They’re usually cheap, easy to move and great for practicing anytime and anywhere. Although they won’t produce the sound of the normal drum kit, they’re excellent for improving your coordination and getting some well needed practice in. 

Do I have to learn to read music in order to play?

It isn’t necessary, you can definitely play the drums without knowing how to read sheet music, but it will definitely make life easier. If you’ve never learned how to do it before, it will certainly be a challenge in the beginning but you won’t regret your decision. It can help you greatly reduce your learning time and give you a useful skill set you can use in the future if you want to learn any other instruments as well. 

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