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Savandhi G.

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Mathematics BSc (Hons) graduate from the University of Warwick with over 5 years of tutoring experience. A*A*A at A level.
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Maths lessons and courses

KS3 - £40 - 60min
KS4 - £45 - 60min
KS5 - £50 - 60min
GCSE - £45 - 60min
A-Level - £50 - 60min
Adult Learner - £45 - 60min
Ages 12 - 14 - £40 - 60min
Ages 15 - 16 - £45 - 60min
Ages 17 - 18 - £50 - 60min

Further Maths lessons and courses

KS5 - £60 - 60min
A-Level - £60 - 60min

Physics lessons and courses

KS4 - £45 - 60min
KS5 - £50 - 60min
GCSE - £45 - 60min
A-Level - £50 - 60min
Adult Learner - £45 - 60min
Ages 15 - 16 - £45 - 60min
Ages 17 - 18 - £50 - 60min

Mathematics lessons and courses

KS3 - £40 - 60min
KS5 - £50 - 60min
GCSE - £45 - 60min
A-Level - £50 - 60min
Adult Learner - £45 - 60min
Ages 15 - 16 - £45 - 60min
Ages 17 - 18 - £50 - 60min
Special Services - Savandhi G.
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University of Warwick Coventry, United Kingdom Mathematics Bachelor
Certificates and diplomas - Savandhi G.
Savandhi G.
Additional information and experience - Savandhi G.

I am a highly qualified, organised and self-driven individual with experience in working with children from years 1 to 13, teaching Mathematics in schools and as a private tutor. I have excellent time management skills and extensive experience in preparing engaging lessons adhering to the curriculum and each students’ learning needs and style.

Reflecting on my personal educational experience, external reading and modules I’ve taken up on teaching on top of my degree, I appreciate the impact the teachers make on the lives of young people. Furthermore, I believe that the skills and knowledge acquired throughout a young person’s education academically and personally has an immeasurable influence on their future. Therefore, as a tutor, I teach the material critically, specifically by expanding on the “whys” and the “hows” behind different techniques which would then encourage the students to look at the world more critically.

Additionally, I believe that understanding the reasoning behind each step from a young age is essential to strengthen their independent problem solving skills. Moreover, I believe this is pivotal in reducing maths anxiety, a common type of anxiety many suffer from which has proven to have an adverse effect on academic performance and motivation levels of students across all years.

My Educational Ethos

Throughout my experience as a teaching assistant, I have noticed that many students across all year groups abandon questions if it seems unfamiliar or difficult at first glance. However, when broken down in to steps students are capable of either working out a few of the steps towards the correct answer or reaching the complete answer by themselves.

I believe that one of the main reasons leading to this is the students’ lack of confidence in their ability and knowledge. Therefore, as part of my teaching process I focus on bridging the gap between classwork and being able to adapt their learnings to solve problems.

1. Starter activity

To build their confidence and reinforce their learnings, I start each of my lessons with a starter activity. This would include few questions on the material they have learned in previous lessons or the learnings directly relevant to the material covered in that lesson. I feel that this gives the students the opportunity to refresh their memory and skills whilst subtly drawing attention to the tools necessary for that lesson. These review activities and regular exercises help commit their learnings to long term memory leading to improved academic results.

For example, if the lesson was about using the circle theorems to find the angle x in a circle, I would start my lesson with a fun activity involving circle theorems.

2. Frequent reviewing sessions

Similarly, I like to commit half an hour to an hour per month reviewing and refreshing the material they’ve learnt over the course of the month. This is a great opportunity for the students to ask questions and brush up on their skills. Furthermore, this gives me an opportunity to review their understanding and focus on the divisions I feel could be improved. These reviewing sessions ensure effective learning as most of the material is built upon previous skills and learnings and consolidating the underpinning topics is key, especially in Mathematics.

3. Exercises

I believe the exercises given to the student must be tailored to their educational level and include questions which stretch their understanding to reach their maximum potential. This is because the first few exercises must build their confidence and then that can confidence can be used to introduce and encourage students to attempt more challenging problems.

With my lessons, I adapt the exercises per student depending on their ability because I strongly believe that this is the most effective method of teaching as no two students are the same. As a private tutor, I believe that this is the perfect opportunity for the students to gain the most personalised and therefore most effective lessons. Therefore, I make my lessons highly adaptive to cater to the needs and educational level of the students to enable them to reach their maximum results.

4. The whys and the hows

If the students understand the underpinning concepts behind each method, then I believe that leads to better results. A majority of the times, students are taught each method as a set of instructions. However, I believe that this is not the most effective way of teaching or learning as this does not promote independent problem solving skills and the likelihood of confusion increases if the students were to learn a set of processes per each topic. Therefore, I teach topics by placing emphasis on the objective of the problem and explaining why each step is taken.

I believe that education should be focused on the individual needs, and engage students in the process of their learning. I believe that all students have strengths and acquired knowledge, and the purpose of education is to assist students in identifying and building upon these.

One-on-one tutoring gives the opportunity for the teachings to be catered to the individual style and needs of the student which is not fulfilled to the same extent in school. Therefore, tutoring is the perfect opportunity for the student to reach their maximum potential because unlike in schools, these lessons will be going at a pace that is right for the student. Thus, it gives them the opportunity to master all areas.

For these reasons, my lessons are unique and made with the student in mind to cater to their individual needs and learning styles. This is how I ensure the students reach their maximum potential!

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