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About Rebound Therapy

The term rebound therapy is used to describe a specific form of exercise for individuals with a range of physical and learning disabilities performed on trampolines. The goal is to enhance movement patterns and develop motor skills, balance, coordination and general body awareness. 

Although the idea of using trampolines in special education has existed for many years, the concept of Rebound Therapy was developed in the 1970’s by physiotherapist Eddy Anderson who had years of experience working with children with physical and learning disabilities. 

What conditions can be treated with Rebound Therapy?

Rebound therapy can be very beneficial for a wide array of patient groups. As physiotherapy intervention, one of the main goals of rebound therapy is to help and improve muscle tone disorders, however it can be used to treat many other conditions. 

Children who suffer from poor balance, altered muscle tone or limited active movement can all benefit from rebound therapy. These types of exercises improve high and low muscle tone as well as cardiovascular fitness. It can be especially beneficial for children who have a limited ability to communicate as rebound therapy is above all an enjoyable and stimulating activity that can improve their confidence and self-esteem. 

Some of the conditions which rebound therapy can help with include: hypertonia, hypotonia, PMLD and autistic spectrum disorders. 

What are the benefits of Rebound Therapy?

Rebound Therapy is a fun activity that not only helps with a child’s or person’s physical condition but can also improve their communication and sensory system. These benefits can be enhanced by mixing in fun games and activities alongside the exercises. Rebound therapy provides a weightless environment which allows for easy, non-stressful three-dimensional movement. This not only makes movements easier, but also challenges the person’s body in various ways. 

This specific form of exercise can lead to the development and improvement of: patience, independence, coordination, strength of the limbs, balance, muscle tone, reaction time, relaxation, stamina, body awareness and more. 

As an added benefit, the specific movements and rhythmic acceleration of the body achieved by moving on the trampoline can be very beneficial for the digestive system and can improve bowel function.

It is important to note that although it might be easy to find a trampoline, rebound therapy should only be carried out by professional therapists who have received adequate training and have previous practical experience. 

Finding the right environment to perform rebound therapy is key as it can be a resource-intensive form of exercise. Usually a couple of people are required to act as spotters around the trampoline to ensure the safety of the patient. Furthermore, a high ceiling is also necessary in order to avoid potential injuries. 

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