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How to Learn to Play the Electric Guitar: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Learning to play the electric guitar is a rewarding experience for so many reasons. Not only is it an enjoyable pastime, but it can also improve your concentration, patience, and creativity. But where do you start, and how do you make progress? If you're a beginner, this article is for you. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover all you need to know to get started on your journey to learning the electric guitar.

Choose Your Guitar

Before you start your guitar lessons, the first thing you need to do is choose your guitar. There are a lot of options out there, so it's important to find one that suits your needs, preferences, and budget. If you're a beginner, it's recommended to start with a budget-friendly guitar that suits your interests, playing style, and skill level. You can always upgrade later when you have more experience.

Find a Teacher or Online Course

The next step is to find a teacher or online course to guide you through your learning journey. A teacher can provide personal, one-on-one instructions and feedback, while an online course provides flexibility and the ability to learn at your own pace. There are several online platforms that offer guitar lessons such as TutorExtra.

Start Practising Regularly

Once you have your guitar and a learning resource, the most important thing to do is practise regularly. It's recommended to practise at least 30 minutes a day to make progress and retain what you've learned. 

It's also important to set achievable goals for yourself and track your progress along the way. This can help you stay motivated and feel a sense of accomplishment as you progress.

Learn the Basics

As a beginner, it's important to start with the basics. This includes learning how to hold the guitar, how to tune it, and how to read guitar tabs or sheet music. You'll also need to learn the basic chords and scales, as well as how to strum and pick. This foundation is essential to building your guitar skills and becoming a proficient player.

Have Fun and Experiment

Finally, remember that learning the electric guitar should be fun! Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things. This can help you find your own playing style and develop your creativity. It's also important to listen to a variety of music and try to replicate the sounds and styles you like. This can help you stay motivated, inspired, and excited about your progress.


Learning to play the electric guitar is a fun and rewarding experience that can improve your creativity, concentration, and patience. By choosing the right guitar, finding a teacher or online course, practising regularly, learning the basics, and having fun, you can make real progress on your journey to becoming a skilled guitar player. With time, dedication, and patience, you'll be able to play your favourite songs and even create your own music. So, grab your guitar, start learning, and enjoy the journey!

To begin your journey in learning the electric guitar, your initial focus should be on locating an experienced tutor or knowledgeable instructor available through TutorExtra. Their expertise will be invaluable as they guide you through essential aspects such as proper guitar holding techniques, chord comprehension, and the fundamentals of strumming. With their guidance, you'll establish a strong foundation that will propel you toward becoming a proficient electric guitar player.
For those venturing into electric guitar learning, obtaining the necessary equipment and accessories is paramount. Essential items include a well-suited electric guitar, a reliable amplifier to achieve desired tones, a variety of guitar picks for diverse playing styles, a tuner for pitch accuracy, and sturdy cables to connect your guitar to the amplifier. Collaborating with a TutorExtra tutor will facilitate informed choices based on your preferences and financial considerations.
As a newcomer to electric guitar playing, adhering to a consistent practice regimen is vital. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to an hour of daily practice to foster skill development and muscle memory. With the guidance of a TutorExtra tutor, you can design a tailored practice routine that matches your progress and fits into your schedule, ensuring steady advancements in your playing abilities.
Initiating your journey as a novice electric guitar player involves mastering fundamental techniques that provide a strong basis for growth. Begin by refining finger positioning and posture, then progress to basic strumming and picking techniques. Gradually explore power chords, scales, and simple riffs. Your dedicated TutorExtra tutor will lead you through each of these techniques, resulting in a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience.
The timeline to achieve proficiency in electric guitar playing varies based on individual factors such as practice consistency, commitment, and inherent musical aptitude. Generally, several months to a few years of dedicated practice are required to attain a comfortable level of proficiency. Your TutorExtra instructor will provide structured lessons and personalised feedback, expediting your learning trajectory.
While not obligatory, a grasp of music theory can significantly enhance your connection with the electric guitar. Exploring music theory enables you to understand chord progressions, scales, and the mechanics of harmony, elevating your playing and improvisational skills. Collaborating with a TutorExtra tutor, you can progressively incorporate music theory concepts into your learning journey, fostering a deeper relationship with the instrument.
Certainly, as you advance in your electric guitar journey, you'll acquire the ability to play songs that resonate with your musical taste. Your dedicated TutorExtra tutor will guide you in locating suitable song tutorials that align with your current skill level, enabling you to gradually tackle more intricate songs as your proficiency increases.
Proper maintenance of your electric guitar is crucial to sustain its sound quality and playability. Routine upkeep involves regular cleaning, timely string replacement, and adjustments to the guitar's setup for optimal comfort and performance. Your TutorExtra tutor can provide valuable insights into these maintenance practices or direct you to skilled guitar technicians for more intricate adjustments.
Embracing both guitar tabs and sheet music equips you with versatile skills as an electric guitar player. Guitar tabs offer simplified visual representations of finger placements and strings, while sheet music imparts a comprehensive understanding of musical notation and rhythm. Your TutorExtra instructor will introduce you to both methods, allowing you to select the approach that best suits your learning preferences and goals.
TutorExtra extends the option of online electric guitar lessons to accommodate learners seeking flexible and convenient learning arrangements. Many experienced tutors and instructors within the TutorExtra network offer remote lessons, enabling you to learn and progress from the comfort of your own space. Browse TutorExtra listings to identify educators who provide online instruction tailored to your needs.

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