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Classical Civilisation lessons near me

About Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation is usually an A levels study that focuses on the Ancient Mediterranean and it’s cultures and more specifically on Ancient Rome and Greece. Students who take this course will gain a deeper understanding of the Greek and Roman worlds which heavily influenced our modern day world and its history, art, literature and philosophy. 

The subject helps students develop a critical approach towards literature, history and politics and form better analytical skills. Courses in classical civilisation usually focus mainly on literature and ancient history although other relevant topics related to the studied eras will also be covered. 

Why study Classical Civilisation?

If you’re looking into applying to universities after you graduate from high school, A levels in Classical Civilisation can be extremely useful. Apart from very specific knowledge, students also learn important transferable skills like how to analyse sources, critical thinking and developing independent and evaluative approaches. You’ll find out how to build up, formulate and defend an argument and gain a deeper understanding of cultures different than your own. 

Studying A level classical civilisation can lead to students studying History, History of Art, Drama, Politics and Philosophy in university. However, as mentioned above, the course does more than prepare you for a degree in university, it also equips you with useful skills which will help you in your future pursuit of employment. 

Last but certainly not least, if you’re still not sure what A levels to take and you have a passion for history and literature, this course can be a great way to not only learn a lot of useful information but also enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. 

What exactly do you study in Classical Civilisation?

The course mainly focuses on the literature and parts of the history of the ancient world. The pieces you’ll read are translated, so no previous knowledge of Latin or Ancient Greek is required. Students usually learn either Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey as well as other classics from the Roman and Greek empires. The course will dive into the ancient worlds and will show students what the culture was like, how people lived, expressed themselves and developed over time.

Apart from literature, students will also gain some insight into other art forms that were prevalent during those periods like paintings, sculptures and theatre. Furthermore they will learn about different myths and religions that ancient cultures believed in and how they affected their lives.

Can I sign up for lessons in Classical Civilisation?

You certainly can! If you need help passing your A levels or are just curious and want to learn more about ancient civilisations, then you might want to sign up for extra lessons! TutorExtra offers lessons in over 1000 subjects including Classical Civilisation. Browse our website and look through our lists of qualified tutors waiting for you to contact them.

Prices of lessons start at around £25 an hour and go up to £50 depending on the tutor you choose. Contact the one you like the most and start learning as soon as possible!

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