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Academic Performance lessons and courses

What is Academic Performance?

Academic performance, or sometimes called academic achievement, is the way in which a teacher or a student achieves his/her all-time educational goals. What we can name as an academic achievement is graduating from high school, a bachelor's degree or a master's. 

Most commonly, students' academic performance is measured through various types of examinations. Sometimes they are given different presentations and assessments during the year. 

In some countries, schools or universities are being paid based on their pupils' academic results. A school with greater academic accomplishments would earn more funding than one with fewer accomplishments.

Of course, every student has their own personality and their academic performance will differ in some aspects like intelligence or personality. It is normal that students with higher IQ scores will achieve higher grades. 

How can you improve your Academic Performance?

Academic performance is not a skill that you are born with. Everyone can improve their academic performance if they invest time and resources. For some people, it will be easier to achieve good academic results with less effort. But even for those who find it a little harder, there are some tips that can help them and improve their academic performance. 

One of the most important skills for everyone no matter if they are in secondary school, college or university is to be well organised.  A great tool for organising yourself is to use a daily planner. It can be digital or a notebook, whatever you feel most comfortable with. In the daily planner you can write all your assignments, tests, presentations, projects and different events as soon as you have them. This way you can keep track of your tasks and avoid missed deadlines. 

Don't distract yourself with your smart devices. There are many apps that can help you track your time during various activities. You can also set time limits on your phone, tablet, or laptop. We recommend you track your social media applications. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, andInstagram are the most commonly used social media platforms. People don't realise it, but they lose so much time scrolling through social media all day. You can get many more tasks done  if you track your time on your phone and tablet. 

Exercise regularly. Regular sessions of workouts help people to cope with  stress.  Running, for example, can control stress and enhance the body's ability to cope with accumulated mental tension. Exercise also increases the concentration of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps the brain better respond to stress.

Are Academic Performance lessons and courses expensive?

We have great news for you guys. It is  that academic performance lessons and courses are not expensive at all. These courses can help absolutely everyone, no matter what age or level of education he/she is. Academic performance is important for your development and grades. Personal lessons can really boost your knowledge and confidence in your studies. Don't hesitate to contact the teachers on the TutorExtra platform and book your first lesson now!

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