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About Tango

The tango is one of the most popular partner dances in the world, known for its vibrant styles of movement, passion and rich expressions. It originated in the 1880’s somewhere along the border between Argentina and Uruguay and was influenced by both African and European cultures. The original name of the dance was “tango criollo” and since then many different variations have emerged in Argentina and all over the world. 

In 2009 UNESCO included the tango as part of their UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in order to increase the preservation and cultural importance of this piece of Argentine culture and history. 

What type of dance is the Tango?

In the beginning the tango was danced only by women, but once it started spreading outside of Argentina and gaining popularity it turned into a dance for couples. The main concept of the dance revolves around a leader and a follower. Through an embrace the leader offers invitations to the follower for where and how to step. In return, the follower decides in what way they will accept the invitations. The end result can be a very improvised dance that captivates the attention not only of both dancers but the spectators as well. 

The tango is a very vibrant and playful dance. It has a lot of potential for expression, improvisation and connection between the dancers and can be performed in both traditional and modern styles. Due to the close connection partners have and the character of the music it is often described as a very passionate dance. 

The clothes dancers wear are also important because they significantly impact the visual appeal of the dance. Female dancers promote their elegance and sexuality by performing the passionate dance while wearing elegant dresses and high heels. 

Is learning the Tango difficult?

Although there is a common misconception that the tango is a particularly difficult dance to learn, this isn’t necessarily true. As with any other dance, the difficulty depends on many factors like how committed you are, previous dancing experience and in general your sense of movement. An important first step is finding the right place to learn. Local dance studios often provide a great environment full of like minded people who are eager to learn. 

The fact that the tango is a partner dance is actually beneficial for beginners. You’ll often be paired up with a more experienced partner who’ll guide you along the way and you’ll be able to closely observe. Another great thing about dance studios is that you’ll be able to watch many experienced couples dancing which is a great way to soak up useful information and different techniques. 

Just like any other skill, learning to dance the tango will take time and effort, but if you’re enjoying yourself it won’t feel difficult or tedious at all!

How do I learn how to dance the Tango?

As mentioned previously, one of the best ways to learn how to tango is to look for a class in dance studios around your area. Not only are classes a lot of fun, but newcomers tend to pick up the dance very quickly. 

If you’re struggling to find the right studio or teacher then we might have the perfect solution. TutorExtra offers a wide variety of classes in over 1000 subjects including tango. Find the right teacher or studio for you and contact them straight away.

Key details about your Tango sessions

✅ Experts available : 4
✅ Average price : £25/hr
✅ Session format : Face-to-Face or Online
✅ First lesson free : Yes
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