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About Philosophy 

Philosophy, (from Greek, by way of Latin, philosophia, “love of wisdom”) the rational, abstract, and methodical consideration of reality as a whole or of fundamental dimensions of human existence and experience. Philosophical inquiry is a central element in the intellectual history of many civilisations.

Those who study philosophy are perpetually engaged in asking, answering, and arguing for their answers to life's most basic questions. To make such a pursuit more systematic academic philosophy is traditionally divided into major areas of study.

The study of philosophy involves not only forming onеs own answers to such questions, but also seeking to understand the way in which people have answered such questions in the past. So, a significant part of philosophy is its history, a history of answers and arguments about these very questions. In studying the history of philosophy it is common to also explore the ideas of many famous historical figures.

What are the concepts of philosophy? 

Metaphysics - At its core the study of metaphysics is the study of the nature of reality, of what exists in the world, what it is like, and how it is ordered. In metaphysics philosophers wrestle with such questions as: Is there a God? What is truth? What is a person? What makes a person the same through time? Is the world strictly composed of matter? Do people have minds? If so, how is the mind related to the body? Do people have free wills? What is it for one event to cause another?

Epistemology - This  is the study of knowledge. It is primarily concerned with what we can know about the world and how we can know it. Typical questions of concern in epistemology are. What is knowledge? Do we know anything at all? How do we know what we know? Can we be justified in claiming to know certain things?

Ethics - The study of ethics often concerns what we ought to do and what it would be best to do. In struggling with this issue, larger questions about what is good and right arise. So, the ethicist attempts to answer such questions as: What is good? What makes actions or people good? What is right? What makes actions right? Is morality objective or subjective? How should I treat others?


Logic - Another important aspect of the study of philosophy is the arguments or reasons given for people's answers to these questions. To this end philosophers employ logic to study the nature and structure of arguments. Logicians ask such questions as: What constitutes "good" or "bad" reasoning? How do we determine whether a given piece of reasoning is good or bad?


Are philosophy lessons expensive? 

Philosophy is a really interesting field of study. Everyone from young children to adults can study and enjoy it.

Philosophy lessons and courses come at a really fair price. The price for lessons with the TutorExtra platform varies between £15-45. You can find  different teachers and find the one you like the most.

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