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About Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager software made by Microsoft, which is available as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Outlook was first introduced to the public in 1997 and was included with Microsoft Office 97. Since then the company has released an abundance of updated versions, each offering more features than the previous ones. 

Microsoft Outlook is available for both individual use and can also be used as a multi-user software for corporations. The software is also available as an app for most mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. 

What is Microsoft Outlook used for?

Although the software is mainly used as an email client, Outlook also includes other features such as task management, contact management, calendaring, web-browsing, note-taking and more. Furthermore, Microsoft often tends to include new features and updates whenever new versions are released. This means that even everyday users are often unaware of some of the extra features available. 

For people who send emails every day, Outlook offers a little reminder to make sure you never forget to include your attachments. If you spell out the word attachment or attached, but then click send before adding your file, Outlook will automatically remind you and give you the chance to attach it. Furthermore, any reservations, flights or trips you book through email will be automatically included to your calendar with reminders. Other available features include opening multiple windows at the same time, mentioning specific people in emails and customising how you see your email feed. 

Do I need Microsoft Outlook?

If you’re just looking for an email service provider, then there’s likely no need to pay for Microsoft Outlook. However if your job requires you to use more features or your company is looking for a multi-user software, then Outlook might be the perfect tool for you. 

Microsoft Outlook allows you to sync your personal data with all of your computers, phones and devices. Microsoft’s software allows you to customise it to your own liking, sort emails into folders based on your own preferences and send emails automatically while you’re not even at your office. Distributing tasks between employees, creating shared schedules and calendars are only part of the extra features that can make your everyday life at work simpler. 

All in all, Outlook isn’t just an email service provider, it offers plenty of extra features that users can take advantage of. It provides many benefits, but deciding on whether or not you need it depends entirely on what your job is and what you plan to use it for. 

Where can I find Microsoft Outlook lessons?

If you need help getting accustomed to using Microsoft Outlook then TutorExtra might have the perfect solution for you. TutorExtra is an online platform that offers lessons in over 1000 subjects. Sign up and browse through our list of qualified tutors who are waiting for you to contact them. Choose the one you like most and book your first lessons as soon as possible!

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