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Computer Literacy lessons near me

About Computer Literacy

Computer literacy is usually defined as the ability to use computers and other related technology efficiently, with the skill levels ranging from complete beginner to proficient users. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to live in the modern world without being able to use computers. This is why it is important for children to learn how to properly use technology from a young age. This will help them adapt more easily to the life they're going to enter after school.

The goal of computer literacy classes are not only to teach students the ins and outs of computers but also to make them feel comfortable when using them. 

What do you learn in Computer Literacy classes?

Depending on the students current level, teachers will prepare an adequate learning plan. For most beginners, the start of the course teaches them basic computer functions. These are the skills that anyone who wishes to properly use a computer has to learn. Examples include: learning what the different buttons and commands are for, shortcuts, navigating a browser, sending emails and more. 

Furthermore, Microsoft and Google both offer word processors, spreadsheet programs, presentation builders, and other basic office software. These are very important as many jobs nowadays will require basic knowledge in programs like Google Docs, Excel and presentations. 

Beginners will also have to learn how to use communication platforms such as emails, Slack and other messaging applications. Most companies use them to facilitate internal communication which makes understanding them a necessity. 

With everyone being on social media these days, computer literacy classes also introduce students to the world of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. 

How to become more computer literate?

Luckily, learning the basics of computer literacy is something anyone can achieve. Younger people will generally have an easier time, however with the right mindset and attitude, people of any age can learn. 

The best way to start learning is by trying things out first hand. Find out what programs and software you need to learn and start using them. At first it might seem confusing but the more you practice the easier it will get. If you don’t understand certain parts you can always ask a friend who’s more familiar or find a tutorial video. Nowadays, Youtube is full of explanation videos on any topic you could ask for. Find the one you need, press play and find out what you need to know. 

Last but certainly not least, if you want to learn quickly, you can always sign up for lessons. There are plenty of classes and teachers offering computer literacy courses.

How much do Computer Literacy lessons cost?

The cost of computer literacy lessons depends on where you decide to go. If you want to learn at your own pace you can always hire a personal tutor. TutorExtra offers a wide range of teachers who are ready to teach both beginners and more advanced students. Prices start from just £10 and go up to around £40 depending on the tutor you choose. 

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