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Engineering lessons near me

About the subject Engineering

Put in simple terms, engineering is the application of science and math to solve various problems. Engineers aim to figure out how exactly things work and find practical uses for new scientific discoveries. Although inventors and scientists are often the ones who come up with breakthrough ideas, engineers are often the ones who take those ideas and put them to practical use. 

Subsequently, the history of engineering takes up a massive amount of space in the overall history of humans. Monuments such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum in Rome are only part of the incredible heritage left behind by past civilizations. 

Why should I study Engineering?

Some of the fastest growing occupations around the world nowadays are in the engineering industry. Subsequently, many students leave high school wondering if they should sign up for an engineering course at university. Although it certainly isn’t one of the easier courses you can take, there are plenty of reasons to convince you as to why engineering is a good choice. 

Firstly, obtaining an engineering degree sets you up for professional success. Not only will you develop and improve skills such as critical thinking and decision making but engineers earn some of the highest average salaries among people who have obtained a bachelor’s degree.

Furthermore, as we mentioned previously engineers are behind almost everything around us. Working as an engineer literally gives you the opportunity to change the world around you. Not only that, but the areas in which you can specialise are virtually endless. An engineering degree can be your trampoline for jobs in construction, business, medicine, IT, design and more!

Once you obtain a solid foundation you can choose to specialise in virtually any field as long as you have the right motivation. 

Is Engineering a difficult subject?

Many students decide not to pursue a degree in engineering because they have the idea that it’s too difficult. The truth is that engineering is certainly not an easy course to choose. It involves a lot of maths and physics which might not be to the liking of many students. However it’s important to note that not every engineering major is the same and the difficulty depends on the classes and the type of engineering you want to study. 

Regardless of the field you wish to develop in, if you were interested in maths and physics in high school, chances are you might enjoy engineering as well. Although there certainly will be plenty of calculations, problems and formulas involved, it’s not all about numbers. An engineering course will also develop your critical thinking, decision making and creativity! You’ll have to learn how to deal with problems and overcome them quickly and efficiently. 

Although certainly a difficult choice, with the right motivation and work ethic, a degree in engineering could turn out to be one of the best choices you’ve made!

Can I sign up for Engineering lessons?

You certainly can! Regardless if you’re still in high school and want to start learning the basics, or if you’re a university student who needs some help, TutorExtra has you covered. We offer lessons in over 1000 subjects, including engineering. Browse through our list of qualified tutors, choose the one you like the most and contact them straight away!

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