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About the subject Driving lessons for instructors

Also known as Driving Instructor Training.

There are various driving instructor training courses available in the UK. Such trainers are usually on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s official register of driving instructor training - which is sometimes called ORDIT.

The trainer usually offers training for part 1, 2 and 3 and ADI remedial.

Teaching can be a very rewarding profession, and this rings true for teaching somebody to drive too. Teaching in itself is a skill, whether you are teaching someone to drive, to play an instrument, or to speak a language. If you can successfully teach people something, then the chances are you can teach people anything (providing you have the knowledge of course!). This is the first, and perhaps most important, skill that you will need to become a driving instructor. A proficiency for teaching!

Beyond a desire to teach, there are several other legal requirements that a person must comply with in order to teach others how to drive on UK roads. One of the most important, of course, is having a valid UK driving licence!

There are others, such as ensuring you are registered as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) with the appropriate body, which includes applying for a new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

There are lots of great reasons to become a driving instructor; perhaps one of the most attractive is the ability to become your own boss. Most driving instructors are self-employed and, as a result, choose their own hours. How much they work, when they work, and what to charge. Having this level of autonomy over your career is, naturally, a very attractive prospect.

For many, having this level of autonomy over their career goes in hand in hand with a greater job satisfaction. Although, for others, it can be a lot of pressure being self-employed. So, think carefully about whether become a self-employed driving instructor is what you want.

If you like to affect those around you and take pleasure in watching people grow and succeed, like all teaching avenues, becoming a driving instructor is great for this. For many people, it can be a great and rewarding experience to teach someone a new skill and watch them grow in their ability. This is certainly true of teaching people to drive.

How much do Driving lessons for instructors cost?

The cost of driving lessons for instructors or driving instructor training can vary. Course prices can often range between £600 and £1000 depending on the method and process involved for the various levels required.

At TutorExtra we aim to provide comprehensive access to tutors of all grades and levels in 1000s of subject areas from across the UK.

Key details about your Driving lessons for Instructors sessions

✅ Experts available : 2
✅ Average price : £375/hr
✅ Session format : Face-to-Face or Online
✅ First lesson free : Yes
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