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About ballet

Ballet is a type of dance that was created during the Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Later on it got further developed and became a concert dance in countries like Russian and France. Since then ballet has transformed into a global phenomenon with millions of people practicing it around the world and it has defined the foundations of many other dance types and genres. 

Ballet is usually accompanied by classical music and specific costumes. Depending on where you are in the world different schools have added their own touch to the dance. This has made small but distinct changes on how it is performed depending on where you are around the world. 

What are the benefits of learning ballet?

There are plenty of reasons to motivate you to learn ballet. First of all, it’s great for your body and your health. Although it may look like a very delicate and graceful dance style, ballet actually requires a lot of physical preparation. Even if you’re not training professionally and doing it just for fun, a ballet training session will engage your entire body from head to toe. So learning ballet will definitely improve your physique. Not only that but it also helps with posture.

Furthermore, ballet is a great way to improve your communication skills and meet new people. Classes are usually held in groups of people which will give you the chance to meet new people with similar interests. On top of that, you’ll also learn how to communicate better. Ballet is an affectionate dance that aims to tell a story without any words. You will have to learn how to communicate emotion through your body and movements. 

At the end of the day, there are plenty of benefits to learning ballet, however the most important one is - enjoyment! If you genuinely have a passion for it, then that’s the only thing you’ll need. 

Why is ballet good for kids?

Ballet is also a great activity for kids! Signing up your kids to dance lessons can be great for their development. They’ll learn balance, coordination and in general how to control their bodies more freely. They’ll learn how to follow instructions and become more disciplined. All of that while they get to be around other kids their age and make new friends! 

Furthermore ballet is a great way to teach your kids how to be more confident as they will be performing in front of other people. Last but certainly not least, your kids will get used to keeping physically active. 

Are ballet classes expensive?

How much it will cost depends entirely on where you go and how often. Regardless if you want to go yourself or you want to sign up your child, there are various options you can look into. At TutorExtra our qualified tutors offer classes starting at around £10 and anywhere up to £80 depending on your needs and the teachers themselves. Browse through our website and find the right tutor for you!

Key details about your Ballet sessions

✅ Experts available : 2
✅ Average price : £50/hr
✅ Session format : Face-to-Face or Online
✅ First lesson free : Yes
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