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Art & Design lessons and courses

What is Art & Design?

Art is something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings. Art is a creative process and it is great for your mind and imagination. 

Many people wonder what Art is as a whole. We can say that any product or range of creative human activity can be defined as art. Most well associated are the visual arts, such as painting and sculpture and others.

A lot of the process in Art includes planning and testing out different art styles and techniques. Coming up with ideas is just as important as the creation of the art itself. Other courses that are similar to Art & Design are Fine arts and Design lessons. 

Why study Art & Design?

If you love to create new things through sculpture, painting, or one of the many other mediums, an Art & Design course might be suitable for you or your child. 

Also there are many benefits of Art & Design lessons. Art stimulates your imagination and your brain functions. It is a great stress reliever and it reduces stress and tiredness. When you start creating something artistic you forget about all the work you had during the day or the stress that was in your head. 

Design has many benefits too. It can improve your performance and your efficiency. Creating new designs boosts your creativity and challenges you to think more creatively. This is a great benefit no matter what field you work in. 

What jobs can you do with Art & Design?

One of the most popular jobs when studying Art and Design is interior designer. Some people think this job means making living and working spaces more beautiful but there is much more. It is about improving functionality and safety. To pursue this kind of career you will need an eye for colour, harmony and good lighting. The other types of designers are industrial designers for office spaces, design homes, educational buildings etc. 

You can also become an Art director. Art directors coordinate everyone who creates online publications, websites, prints magazines and the whole creative process and team. If you use software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you’ll make sure every element is coming together properly.

This job is perfect for someone who loves working with different teams coming together to create the same vision. The job role consists of coming up with new ideas and pleasing the team. 

Are Art & Design lessons expensive?

Art and Design lessons are not expensive at all. Art and Design has many benefits for your brain, imagination, creativity and career. Investing in such lessons is a great idea for everyone no matter if you want to be a professional or make art just as a hobby. With the TutorExtra platform you can find many teachers who can offer you Art and Design courses and lessons. Contact them and ask them anything that is interesting to you. They will provide you with all the information you need for your first lesson! 

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