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Saxophone lessons near me

There are so many reasons to learn to play the saxophone. It is a wonderful instrument, it is a skill that can help boost music careers and as a result, you can earn a lot of money to play the saxophone. Fortunately, there are many online tutors so lessons can be flexible and easy to follow. On Tutorextra alone we have over 24 tutors offering instruction, so plenty to choose from!


The saxophone has always been one of the top instruments considered for those who would like to participate in a jazz ensemble or orchestra because of the cool and sultry image associated with it.


There is no denying that playing the saxophone can make you look sophisticated, smooth, with a lot of soul and many people are drawn to this image.


Is learning the saxophone easy?


The saxophone is one of the most popular woodwind musical instruments. Invented around 1841 by Adolphe Sax. Its popularity is certainly due to the unique melodious range of sounds it produces. There are so many hit songs by our favourite musicians that sound so good because saxophones were used during the recording.


Anyone can learn how to play the instrument without previous experience by following the simple online guidelines and instructions that are often pre-made by professional saxophonists who have had many years of experience.


What do saxophone lessons entail?

The saxophone lessons are often structured for the jazz saxophone although students will also learn how to play jazz tunes, blues and classical music.


Areas of practice include learning the chords, scales, inversions, tonguing techniques, intonation and tuning. The learning programmes also cover exercising the best breathing rhythm and fingering techniques during practice.


The beauty of learning online is that tutors have become increasingly creative and resourceful and offer extra videos designed to help with practice. You can also join online groups who will share tips and tricks plus give you the opportunity to play along with people of differing levels.


Do I need anything other than a saxophone to start learning?


All that is required to participate in online saxophone lessons is a good saxophone. The courses are organised live on Skype, Zoom or other socially interactive incentives. The fantastic thing is the real-time lessons are interactive so students have an opportunity to watch and practice with the instructor. In addition, there are hundreds of videos, audio files and PDFs to provide additional theoretical knowledge about playing the saxophone.

A saxophone can come in various sizes, including the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone.


On average, a saxophone can cost anywhere from £300 for a simple student model to as much as £8,00 or more for a professional saxophone. Plan on spending around £1000 to £4,000 for a decent instrument.


An electric saxophone can cost about £400 to £700; again, depending on the brand. A mini saxophone, often purchased as a collectible, can cost about £50 to £100. 


A higher end sax such as the Contrabass can cost upwards of £14,000 to £30,000 or more!

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