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About Political Science

Political science is a scientific study that focuses on the theory and practice of governments and politics. It involves understanding political ideas, ideologies, government institutions, policies, different groups, laws and more. 

Modern day political science can be divided into three separate disciplines: international relations, political theory and comparative politics. A background in this subject can be useful for a future career in politics, business, public service, law and media. 

What do the different subfields of Political Science focus on?

As mentioned previously, the three subfields that political science can be divided into are international relations, comparative politics and political theory.

International Relations

International relations is concerned with understanding why countries, states and organisations like the UN interact as they do. Students study a lot of history concerning international conflicts, relations between countries and wars. The goal is to understand why wars start, how they have been resolved in the past and how we can prevent them in the future. Apart from history, this subfield also teaches students what the role of international law and organisations is, world trade and international finances. 

Political Theory

Political theory mainly focuses on the different political institutions. It studies human nature and the moral purposes of political association. Students will read writings from ancient Greece and compare them to ones from today to compare them and see how morals have changed. Furthermore they’ll learn who and how political institutions function

Comparative Politics

Comparative politics can be different depending on where you study them. The first type compares institutions and particular problems that different countries have. The second type looks into the basic political institutions and processes of a single country or group of countries in a particular region.

Why study Political Science?

Political science is a great course because it offers a wide scope of career opportunities for students. Students who graduate can pursue jobs in politics, law, journalism, business, government services and more!

Furthermore, the course also teaches many useful skills that you can apply later in your life regardless of what career you pursue. The curriculum usually focuses on data analysis, critical thinking, research, writing and depending on where you study, potentially a foreign language as well. Students who have a particular interest towards politics, international relations and current affairs in their countries should certainly consider signing up for a political science course. 

Can I sign up for lessons in Political Science?

You definitely can! Regardless if you’re just curious about the topic or if you need help with your studies in university, there are courses available for students of all levels. Nowadays there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking for a private teacher, then we have the perfect solution for you. TutorExtra is an online platform that offers lessons in over 1000 subjects including political science.

Browse through our website and choose from our list of qualified tutors. Send them a message with any questions you might have and arrange your first lesson in no time!

Key details about your Political Science sessions

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