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Massage lessons near me

Why do people like massages?

Study after study has shown that human beings respond very positively to being touched by other humans. This is partly why massages feel so good, and, for this same reason, people also find massages very relaxing. A lot of people find it difficult to relax and for these people, in particular, going for a massage is a great way to relax without having to do anything.

Naturally, as massages are good for relaxation, they are also good for stress relief. Massages aren’t just good for our mental health but also our physical health too. Receiving a massage has been proven to stimulate the immune system, as well as ‘suppress the parasympathetic nervous system. 

This is the system that governs the fight-or-flight response, although this response is sometimes necessary, it can be detrimental to the body, massages have been proven to tone down the veracity of this response and relax the brain and the body.

Why learn to massage?

Perhaps the most appealing reason to learn professional massage techniques is for business and employment opportunities. Being a masseuse can be a well-paid vocation, and there is a lot of demand for their services worldwide. As a result, learning how to become a professional masseuse can also be a great way to go self-employed. 

There are hundreds of different masseuse techniques out there to learn and many kinds of roles, from sports therapists that specialise in sports injuries, to Swedish massage and reflexology. Some techniques are designed to speed up recovery, but most are for pain relief.

As discussed earlier, a key reason people like massages is because it helps them feel better. For this reason, massages are often described as a form of therapy. An appealing aspect of becoming a masseuse for many is learning this ability to deliver pain relief, both for themselves and others.

What do massage lessons cost?

Choose from a wide variety of massage lessons from all across the UK, including aromatherapy, reflexology, and sports massage. The cost of massage lessons are generally dependent on the expertise of the tutor and can start from as little as £35 per session ranging to £650 for a course. At TutorExtra we aim to provide comprehensive access to tutors of all grades and levels in 1000s of subject areas.

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