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Human Geography lessons near me

About Human Geography

Human geography is one of the two major branches of geography, alongside physical geography. Human geography, which is also referred to as cultural geography, studies humans and their relationships with communities, cultures, economies, and interactions with the environment. 

Some of the most important cultural phenomena studied in human geography are languages, religion, beliefs and other various aspects that make humans from different geographical regions differ from each other. Another part that has become a bigger part of the subject throughout recent years is globalisation. As it becomes easier for humans to travel everywhere it is important to find out how that affects different cultures and civilisations. 

What do you learn in Human Geography?

Put in simple terms, human geography is about the relations between humans and the places they inhabit. While studying this subject students learn how processes like migration change people’s lives and activities. Unlike in other social sciences, human geography uses core geographical concepts such as place, space and mobility to study historical and present-day phenomena. 

Students will address topics such as urban development, environmental change, migration, housing, cultural heritage and more. In order to properly be able to analyse these concepts they will have to learn methods like mapping, interviewing, analysing texts and performing quantitative analysis. Furthermore, students will learn how to do fieldwork, because in order to get a better idea of a certain environment sometimes the best way is to directly go there and see it first hand. 

Because human geography is such a broad subject, students will have the opportunity to choose different areas in which they can specialise in.

Possible topics you can focus on include migration, urban planning, religion, social segregation, tourism, gender relations, environmental justice and more!

Why study Human Geography?

One of the biggest benefits of studying human geography is that it will leave you with a wide range of highly transferable skills and different areas you can work in. Skills like analytical thinking, conducting research, report writing, data collection, etc. are all very highly valued in most businesses. This makes students who’ve studied human geography highly employable. 

Many graduates look for jobs in the public sector, local government departments or government agencies that deal with planning, tourism, transport or economic development. 

If students choose to, the skills they gain in human geography can also be utilised in different fields such as accounting, marketing and management. 

What career can I pursue if I study Human Geography?

As mentioned previously, human geography offers students the opportunity to gain various skills that can be utilised in different fields and sectors. Some of the potential career paths you can take include:

  • Market researcher
  • Political analyst 
  • Demographer
  • Tourism planner
  • Community developer 
  • Location analyst
  • Urban planner

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