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Government and Politics Lessons Near Me

About government and politics

Government and politics are a popular degree choice for many students in the United Kingdom. The world of politics is constantly changing and evolving and if you are interested and want to acquire the skills and knowledge to thrive in this field then this is the course for you. 

Studying government and politics will give you awareness of the nature of politics and the relationship between the different institutions and processes. You will gain important knowledge of the political system in the UK and of other countries. 

Why study government and politics?

Politics is a degree more and more students are becoming interested in every year. It gives them a broad and essential overview of policies, governments and internal and external relations work. What makes this such an appealing course is that politics play a role in every country, regardless of where you go. Entering politics gives people the chance to stand by and fight for their beliefs. With the gathered knowledge, you’ll know your own rights and learn how to not only defend them, but how to make your voice heard. 

Last but certainly not least, if you like challenges, then politics might be perfect for you. The political landscape in every country changes daily and if you want to stay on top of it you have to be prepared that you’ll never stop learning. 

Whether you want to become a politician, or you’re just interested in the topics you’ll learn, government and politics will teach you many skills that you’ll be able to use in almost any career path. 

What’s it like to study government and politics?

In most courses you’ll be learning about the three main strands of politics: government, political theory and international relations. A big part of the study will involve going over controversies that occurred in the past and how they were resolved. You’ll analyse them in detail and learn how to prevent similar occurrences happening now. Often you’ll be involved in debates with fellow students which will not only vastly improve your communication skills but give you the opportunity to see and learn from other perspectives. 

After a while of studying basic law and politics, you’ll get the opportunity to specialise in areas that interest you personally. Such areas can include certain periods of time, certain movements like communism, socialism or certain areas like European Union law.

What can you do with a degree in government and politics?

The most obvious career path for a government and politics graduate is to become a politician. However, the knowledge you’ll gain from this course will give you the opportunity to also work in public relations, international affairs, human resources, local government and more! 

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