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Ivan Moorhouse

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Most of my career has been in teaching and training at all levels. I enjoy explaining concepts to students and therefore look forward to helping them realise their potential in the fields of Geography and Religious studies.
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Geography lessons and courses

KS3 - £25 - 60min
KS4 - £30 - 60min
GCSE - £30 - 60min
A-Level - £35 - 60min
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Special Services - Ivan Moorhouse
Institution Town Speciality Degree Class
University of South Africa Pretoria Geography Master 2nd
Certificates and diplomas - Ivan Moorhouse
Additional information and experience - Ivan Moorhouse





ADDRESS: 44 Green Lane, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6BF

TELEPHONE: 07947544280 (m) E-MAIL:

CITIZENSHIP: British/Irish/South African




Experienced communicator, competent in teaching and explaining concepts.

Strong desire to help and encourage people.


Qualifications: BA Hons, MA, NTSD


Skills: Teaching, training, writing/editing, organisation & management, research.



·      Successfully taught/lectured various cultural groups at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

·      Taught and tutored university and college students by means of distance education.

·      Taught and tutored many local and overseas students from the UK.

·      Helped to professionally develop many in-service teachers.

·      Networked with numerous school personnel as business developer and service provider.

·      Wrote and co-authored a number of books/textbooks (19), study guides and training manuals, as well as professional journal articles and study materials.

·      Delivered a number of professional academic papers.



Education and Management: Teacher, Lecturer, Departmental Head, Training Director, Adult Education Facilitator, Curriculum Advisor/Business Development Executive, Administrator.

Writing: Author, materials developer, editor.

Research: Spatial efficiency in location planning.

Business development: Curriculum Advisor for a large assessment organisation (AQA); financial educator for fastest growing financial services company in UK.


Characteristics: Friendly, outgoing, caring, responsible, energetic, sensitive, precise.


Positions of interest: Tutoring/training/facilitating; Editing/writing; Strategic planning and organisation; Research.



“…he is a superb teacher and a person with a strong and natural flair for the didactic process and specifically with a more academic orientation”. Dr Michael Cassidy, former International Team Leader, African Enterprise.

“…a versatile professional and the projects he undertakes are carefully planned and conducted. He consults well and provides valuable reports and honest insights on work in progress”. Rod Sherwood, former MD: Technology for All.

His work in schools was outstanding and his relationships with teaching staff and colleagues was exceptional”.  Penny Leask, former Division Head, AQA. 


End of summary


Matriculation, 1967: Westville Boys High School, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Natal Teachers Senior Diploma (NTSD), 1970: Durban Teachers Training College.

Bachelor of Arts, 1976, University of South Africa (UNISA); Majors: Geography, Psychology

Honours Bachelor of Arts, 1979, UNISA.  Subject: Geography.

Master of Arts, 1985, UNISA. Subject: Geography (by dissertation) on the spatial efficiency of schools.

NDP credits in theological subjects (UNISA): Missiology I, II & IIIA; Practical theology IA.

Other qualifications: P2 – Proofreading; Progress and Editing with Word (SfEP, 2017).


EMPLOYMENT AND POSITIONS HELD (see Addendum 1 for more details)

Permanent positions:

2021 – present: tutoring for Tutor Doctor, Tutor Valley; UK Private Education.

2016 - present: Representative for Genistar (financial education company)

2008-2016: Curriculum Advisor, AQA Education

1996-2000: Lecturer in Geography, Natal College of Education, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

1995-6: Lecturer in Educational Management, Natal College of Education, Pietermaritzburg, SA

1992-95: Director of Training and Development, African Enterprise, Pietermaritzburg, SA

1985‑91: Head of Dept., Geography, Pretoria College of Education, Pretoria, SA

1980‑85: Lecturer in Geography, University of South Africa, Pretoria, SA

1979: Lecturer in Geography (seconded), Edgewood College of Education, Pinetown, SA

1971‑78: Teacher in primary and high schools, Natal Education Department, Pinetown, SA.


Contract and consultancy positions:

2005-2008: Teacher (supply and contract) – South London; Surrey

2001- 2005: Consultant to ACE (Advanced Certificate in Education) programme, Toyota Teach    Primary School Project, Durban, SA

2003 – 2009: Writer/Editor, Shuter & Shooter Publishers, Pietermaritzburg, SA

2004 - TechnoSuss Project: Read Write educational supplement, Sunday Times, Johannesburg

2003- 2004: Curriculum development, Bible Education by Extension, SA/Holland

Sept. 2000-Sept. 2002: Consultant/writer for Zikhulise Project, Media in Education Trust, SA.


Part time & short-term positions:

2007-09: Assistant Lecturer, The Open University, South-east Region, UK [Study of cities]

2007 (summer): Advisory Officer, Social Services, Surrey County Council

2004-2005: External Moderator for Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE), University of KZN

2000-2003: Supply teacher for UK Capita Education, Protocol Teachers, Ealing Borough, DJM

01-06/2001: Teacher (Geography), Grace College, Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal

1999: Matric intervention programme (Geography), Sacred Heart College, Johannesburg (1999)

1998-2000: Lecturer in Geography, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg

1993: Lecturer in Geography, Evangelical Seminary of SA, Pietermaritzburg             

1985: Lecturer in Geography, Vista University, Pretoria

1981‑3: Lecturer in Geography, Pretoria College of Education, Pretoria.



Matric marker for Geography: Department of Education and Training, South Africa (1989)

Member of the Society of South African Geographers (1980-2005)

Chairperson of the Hilton Community Policing Forum (2005)

Member of Council: Evangelical Seminary of Southern Africa (1997-2003)

Youth and children’s holiday club and camp director (1970-1977)

Red Cross First Aid Instructor and Voluntary Red Cross ambulance officer (1969-1977)

Speaker at various formal functions and ceremonies

Participation at leadership level in numerous charities and church organisations.


PUBLICATIONS (see Addendum 2)




South Africa

1971-78: Primary and secondary, teaching - wide range of subjects including Geography; Religious Education; Physical Education (Grades 3-12). Also: Housemaster for boys aged 13 to 18 year and games coach.



2000-2003; 2005-7: Supply teaching in primary and secondary schools, including two six month contracts (West and South London).


Games coached: Cricket, football, basketball and athletics.




Courses taught:

Edgewood College of Education and Pretoria College of Education (1-4 year levels): Territoriality, Environment, Climate, South Africa, Statistical and spatial analysis in geography, Settlement, Political Geography, Economic Geography.

University of South Africa: Resources (1st year level), Economic Geography (2nd and Hons year levels), Climate (2nd year level). These duties entailed the preparation of high quality study guides, marking of assignments and lectures in regional centres.

Pretoria College of Education: Resources, Economic Geography, Climate, Mathematical/statistical spatial analysis, Geomorphology, Settlement, Political Geography. Student teacher assessment.

Vista University: Statistical analysis in Geography (2nd year level).

Natal College of Education/SACOL: Courses written for/lectures given in Geography, Educational Research and Statistical Methods to mostly second language students in a multi-cultural environment.

Natal University, Pietermaritzburg: Environment, Urban Geog.; Development studies (1st, 2nd and 3rd year levels).

The Open University: Understanding Cities (3rd year level).


Management and additional responsibilities:

Edgewood College of Education: Student practical teaching evaluation; rock sample and publication library.

UNISA: Course leader for the 2nd year (1982, 1983, 1985).

Pretoria College of Education:

·         Departmental organisation and administration (140 students)

·         Course development

·         Lecturing

·         Field excursion organisation

·         Evaluation of student lessons (teaching experience).

Natal College of Education/SACOL: supervision of Educational Management students’ research projects; design of various college documentation; member of Examinations Board; Regional Meetings.

Genistar: Group Leader with 10 active team members.


Curriculum Development:

First year course in geography at UNISA, 1984.


First year through fourth year courses in geography (diploma) at PCE (1986-90). Courses in Educational Research and Statistical Methods in Educational Research,                                SACOL (1996). First and second year courses in geography (distance education) at SACOL (1996-98).



African Enterprise is a Christian interdenominational organisation committed to outreach in Africa and involved in leadership development and reconciliation. As Training Director I assumed overall responsibility for four other departments: Bridge Building Encounters, Social Empowerment, Intern Programme and Child Feeding and Evangelism, besides running my own department viz. Training & Research (organising conferences and training seminars, research into cities, and training of staff).  I was integrally involved in the Durban rally that was crucial to the peaceful transition of power in South Africa in 1994.                              

Bible Education by Extension (BBE) is an American-Dutch organisation involved in providing basic theological education to people in developing countries. My responsibilities include the editing and preparation of writer and facilitator training material such that rural pastors could understand and progression theological studies.

Media in Education Trust (MIET). The Zikhulise (‘develop yourself”) Project (USAID funded) provided materials and training to teachers in poorly resourced schools in KwaZulu-Natal. Responsibilities included writing teacher guides and resource materials, and training departmental officials and teachers in the use of these.

Toyota Teach is a service organisation providing mainly African teachers with courses towards an Advanced Certificate in Education through the University of Natal, Durban. Responsibilities focus mainly on facilitating, advising and evaluating teacher performance in the classroom in the greater Durban area, specializing in technology. I was able to provide teachers with stimulating and helpful guidance which brought them to higher levels of professionalism.

AQA is an examination board operating mainly in the UK. As a Curriculum Advisor I was responsible for the marketing and support of curricula across the south-east corner of England. This entailed contact with numerous Heads, Deputy Heads, Heads of Departments and teachers of high schools and sixth form colleges.

Genistar is a financial education company whose mission is to help families become debt free and financially independent. As a Group Leader, I am responsible for recruiting, acquiring new business, training and coaching team members and checking on-line applications for services rendered.




AUNGAMUTHU, Y., DE WAAL., L, HOUSTON, J., KRUSEKOPF, A., KUNENE, Z., MOORHOUSE, I.M and NTENZA, P.S. 2006. Shuters Mathematical Literacy, Grade 11 Teacher’s Guide. Shuter & Shooter, RSA.

BESTER, C.G.F., REYNHARDT, J.H., MOORHOUSE, I.M. and DE BOER, V. 1982, 1985. Understanding our World 6. Cape Town: Maskew Miller Longman (MML).

BESTER, C.G.F., REYNHARDT, J.H., MOORHOUSE, I.M. and DE BOER, V. 1982, 1985.Understanding our World 7. Cape Town: MML.

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HAW, S., MOORHOUSE, I. M., et al. 2006.  Shuters Social Sciences Grade 9. Shuter & Shooter, PMB, RSA.

HOLMES, P. J., MODI, A.T., MOORHOUSE, I.M., NGUBANE, P.B., &. SCOTT-SHAW, M.E. 2006. Shuters Agricultural Science, Grade 11 Learner’s Book. Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg, RSA.

HOLMES, P.J, and MOORHOUSE, I. 1991. Geography method for primary teachers. MML Cape Town: MML.

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HOLLEY, J., MODI, A..T., and MOORHOUSE, I.M. 2007. Shuter’s Agricultural Science Grade 12 (Teacher’s Guide). Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg, RSA.

MOORHOUSE, I.M.  2013. The Easter Story.  Self-published (Amazon Create Space).

MOORHOUSE, IVAN. 2016. The birth of Christ and the Christmas event. Author House, UK.

MOORHOUSE I. and GIBSON, C, 2009. A new spin on Agricultural Sciences: Grade 12 Study Guide. Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg, RSA.

REYNHARDT, J.H., and MOORHOUSE, I.M. 1995. Understanding our world 5. MML Cape Town.

REYNHARDT, J.H., and MOORHOUSE, I.M. 1995. Understanding our world 6. MML Cape Town.

REYNHARDT, J.H., and MOORHOUSE, I.M. 1995. Understanding our world 7. MML Cape Town.

SHERWOOD, R, JOHNSTONE, H, TER-MORSHUIZEN, K and MOORHOUSE, I. 2004. Shuter’s Technology Grade 4. Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg.

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SHERWOOD, R, JOHNSTONE, H, TER-MORSHUIZEN, K and MOORHOUSE, I. 2004. Shuter’s Technology Grade 6. Shuter & Shooter. Pietermaritzburg.

Teacher’s guides with the same authors accompany all of these books.

Journal Articles:

MOORHOUSE, I.M. 1981. Durban Harbour: a systems approach. S.A. Geographer, 9(1).

MOORHOUSE, I.M. and ITTMAN, H. 1987. Modelling towards spatial efficiency in school planning. The South African Geographical Journal, 69(2), 139-156.          


Study materials

LIEBENBERG, E., MOORHOUSE, I.M., et al. 1982. GGR 206-E module (Geographical Analysis). UNISA.


MOORHOUSE, I.M. and PIENAAR, N. 1981. GGR 201-C module (Economic and Political Geography). UNISA.


MOORHOUSE, I.M. and ZIETSMAN, S. 1983. GGR 203-B module (Climate and Geomorphology). UNISA.


MOORHOUSE, IM. 1996. Introduction to educational research (Module RES1). Natal College of Education.

MOORHOUSE, IM. 1996. Introduction to statistical methods for educational research (Module RES1.S). NCE.

MOORHOUSE, IM. 1996-1999. Study guides (Geography) for GEO100P (4), GEO100S (4), GEO200P (4) and GEO200S (4).  Natal College of Education.

MOORHOUSE, IM. 2002. Know your geography: A study guide for matric students. Self-published.

MOORHOUSE, I.M. 2002. Earth and beyond. Study guide for course NPD026-E (Natural Sciences). UNISA.

MOORHOUSE, I.M. 2002. Geography 2. Study guide for course NPD042-E. University of South Africa (UNISA).

MOORHOUSE, I.M. and WASSERMANN, JH. 2002. Study guide for NPDE course PEN2HSM: Social Sciences, Intermediate Phase. University of KwaZulu-Natal.




MOORHOUSE I.M. 1987. The spatial efficiency of primary schools in Pretoria and Verwoerdburg. Conference of the South African Geographical Society, Grahamstown, 1-4 July 1987.

MOORHOUSE I.M. 1989. Spatial organisation of churches on a non-racial basis: the MCSA in Pretoria. Society for Geography Conference, Pretoria, 2-6 July 1989.

MOORHOUSE I.M. 1994. AIDS: the evangelical dilemma. Consultation on AIDS, African Enterprise, Pietermaritzburg, 29 August, 1994.

MOORHOUSE I.M. 1999. Geography and its future. Geography teachers’ symposium, Pietermaritzburg, 23 May.






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