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ICT is the abbreviation for Information and Communication Technologies. Information and communication technologies (ICT) encompass computer and telecommunication technologies and their collaborative use.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are a set of technologies currently developed for more efficient information and communication that has modified both human relationships and the way knowledge is accessed.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has transformed the parameters for obtaining information through communication technologies (newspapers, radio and television), through the development of the internet and new technological devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, as well as platforms and softwares available.

ICTs are recognised as innovative products where science and engineering work together to develop devices and systems that solve everyday problems. They synthesise elements of so-called communications technology or TC (radio, press and television) with information technology.

What are the different types of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)?

The first type of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is networking. It applies to radio and TV networks as well as fixed and mobile telephone networks, and bandwidth.

The second type is terminals and equipment. It covers all types of devices through which information and communication networks function, for example computers, tablets, mobile phones, audio and video devices, televisions, game consoles, etc.

The third and last type are the services. This refers to the wide range of services offered through the above resources. For example email services, cloud storage, distance learning, e-banking, online gaming, entertainment services, virtual communities and blogs.

What role in our education does Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play?

In recent years, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has played a key role in the development of new educational policies and projects, as it has influenced the way knowledge is accessed. 

In this sense, Internet protocol services and platforms for education have been developed to enable rethinking models for teaching and learning. Among these, we can name e-learning platforms. There are many examples of open-source platforms. You can check their software and choose the one you like the most. 

Usually, those kinds of platforms use resources like interactive whiteboards, real-time virtual classrooms, discussion rooms, forums, questionnaires, diagrams, audiovisual resources, digitised bibliography, online collaborative documents, portfolios, educational games, etc.

Also, social networks like WhatsApp or Facebook and tools like blogs and cloud services are educational tools to develop knowledge about interactive and collaborative principles.

Are Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) lessons and courses expensive?

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) lessons are not expensive at all. They are really important for everyone, no matter your age or what stage of your education you are at. Information technologies are everywhere around us so investing in ICT lessons and courses is a great idea. With the TutorExtra platform, you can find great and professional teachers. There you can contact them for free and schedule your lessons. Some of the teachers can even offer you the first lesson for free. The lessons are really informative and will help you become a great ICT student. 

Key details about your ICT sessions

✅ Experts available : 26
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