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Information Technology

The term "Information Technology" in its modern sense was first used in 1958 in an article in the Harvard Business Review, where authors Harold Leavitt and Thomas Whistler noted that "the new technology has not yet a definite name. We shall call it information technology (IT).

Because the information processed is most often in a discretised form, information technology is also sometimes referred to as digital (digitised). Because of the important role of communications in modern information processing, the broader term information and communication technology is often used.

For the purposes of the science of informatics, an acceptable definition of information is a collection of meaningful information, such as the text of a scientific article, messages in a newspaper, signals from a ship at sea, information about production in a factory, information encoded in the memory of a machine, and so on.

Advantages of studying Information Technology 

As young people, we always have tons of options when it comes to picking a future profession. However, most ideas are concerned about benefits and money. We mostly think about our prospects. When choosing information technology, do we realize what benefits await us? Do we even know why being an information technology student is so beneficial?

Technology is synonymous to our generation. Since the early 2000s modern progress has been unstoppable, and every year people wonder what the best minds will create next to impress them even more. Nevertheless, they perfectly keep up with these expectations.

Every year, we hear about new technology and understand how important it is for our lives. Big corporations change themselves towards progress, and it is possible to see how profitable it is for any business. That is the main reason why many choose a path to become students of IT in college. They believe in progress and technology.

Unlike most courses, IT gives a student multiple options in career projections to choose from. One is able to work in absolutely any industry and in any location whatsoever. Every career in the face of the earth requires the use of computer technology, thus, making IT experts some of the most marketable professionals in the world.

What are the commercial and employment perspectives?

Companies in the information technology field are often discussed as a group as the "tech sector" or the "tech industry". These titles can be misleading at times and should not be mistaken for “tech companies”; which are generally large scale, for-profit corporations that sell consumer technology and software. It is also worth noting that from a business perspective, Information Technology departments are a “cost center” the majority of the time. 

A cost center is a department or staff which incurs expenses, or “costs”, within a company rather than generating profits or revenue streams. Modern businesses rely heavily on technology for their day-to-day operations, so the expenses delegated to cover technology that facilitates business in a more efficient manner is usually seen as “just the cost of doing business”. IT departments are allocated funds by senior leadership and must attempt to achieve the desired deliverables while staying within that budget. 

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