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About Home Education

Home education or also widely known as homeschooling is the education of school-aged children at home or other places other than school. The education is usually conducted by the parents of the child, but can also be done by tutors or online teachers. Families choose to homeschool for many different reasons including dissatisfaction with school systems, different religious or educational philosophies and so on.

In the United Kingdom specifically, the number of children being homeschooled rose by 130 percent between 2013 and 2018. 

Why do parents decide to homeschool? 

There are various different reasons as to why parents choose to homeschool their children, many of them being personal, individual decisions. However, in the majority of cases it has to do with dissatisfaction with the local schools and the increasing desire of parents to be more involved in the education of their children. Reasons as to why parents aren’t content with their local schools also vary widely, it can be anything from the quality of education, bullying, racism etc. 

Some religious families also decide to homeschool their children because they do not believe that the nearby schools will teach them the necessary morals or religious ideologies that they believe in. 

In some cases children also prefer the homeschooling system for themselves. They might focus better on their own at home without all of the distractions, the social pressure and the stress that comes with always having to compete with others. 

Last but not least, some children simply don’t have the opportunity to attend school. Whether it’s because they have a medical condition that doesn’t allow them or simply because they live in remote areas with no nearby educational facilities.

Is Home Education effective?

Whether or not home education is effective entirely depends on the teacher and the materials that are used. Homeschooling can be a great option for households where the teacher is passionate about teaching and puts in enough time to prepare the lessons and select the best materials. 

Teaching your child at home can be great if you’ve planned it out properly. One of its biggest benefits is the flexibility it offers. For example if a student is struggling with a specific subject like maths, they’ll have much more time and freedom to get used to it at home. In school children have a certain time frame in which they need to learn a lesson and then move on to the next. At home, that isn’t the case. Lessons can be customised and extended depending entirely on the needs of your child. 

However, as many benefits as we can list, homeschooling is only effective if done properly. Preparation and execution will take a lot of time and effort that many people might not be able to afford. Furthermore, the drastically smaller social circle your child will have if they are homeschooled is also something that should be taken into consideration. 

Can I hire a tutor to homeschool my child?

Absolutely! For many parents the idea of homeschooling their child seems great but they simply don’t have the necessary time. This is why at TutorExtra we offer a wide variety of qualified teachers who are ready to educate your child and give them all the attention they need. Browse through our list of tutors and decide for yourselves who will be the best match for your child.

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