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General Science Lessons Near Me

About General Science

General science is usually a course of study taught in school. It incorporates a few different sciences in order to give students a broader perspective. Typically most general science classes include 3 separate subjects: Biology, Physics and Chemistry

General science is useful if you’re curious and want to gain a good foundation of the sciences. You’ll learn three different subjects and get the opportunity to specialize in whichever one you like the most. 

What will I study in Biology?

Biology is the science that looks into life and all living organisms. The word itself originates from the greek words bios (life) and logos (study). In basic terms biology is the study of structure, function, evolution and growth of all living organisms.

As a field of science, biology aims to understand the world around us and all of its living species, including cells, plants, animals and humans. It tells us how they interact together, how they change and how they evolve. 

If you choose to study biology, you could follow one of these career options: academic researcher, biologist, microbiologist, pharmacologist, research scientist, marine biologist and much more. Specializing in any one of the three subjects in general sciences gives you a wide array of promising career options. 

What will I study in Physics?

Physics is the science that aims to understand how the universe behaves. It deals with concepts like force, energy, charge and mass. Physics is one of the oldest sciences and it’s goal is to understand the natural world through experiments.

This subject assumes that there are certain rules under which the universe functions and through the use of physics we can partially understand some of them. 

During physics classes you’ll learn about electricity, space, magnetism, astronomy, thermodynamics and much more depending on how deep you dive in.

If you choose to specialize in physics you can work as an: engineer, scientist, physicist, programmer, business analyst, astronomer, lecturer etc.

What will I study in Chemistry?

Chemistry is a science that studies the structure, composition and change of matter. You’ll also learn about the chemical reactions between different substances and how they all interact with each other.

Chemistry is concerned with the properties of atoms and how these properties can be used to achieve certain goals. This subject is very experiment oriented, which means that during your studies you will have the opportunity to conduct different experiments and analyze the findings. This will certainly improve your analytical and problem solving skills. 

If you specialize in chemistry you can follow a career in: academic researcher, chemical engineer, toxicologist, pharmacologist, teacher, forensic scientist and more!

Are General Science lessons expensive?

Taking lessons in general science is a good way of preparing yourself for a potential degree, gaining a good foundation and helping you choose a specific science to specialize in. 

TutorExtra offers general science lessons starting at around £15 and going up to £45 depending on the teacher. Browse through our extensive list of qualified tutors and pick the one that suits your needs the best. 

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