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First Aid and CPR/AED Training Near Me

About First Aid and CPR/AED training 

First aid is the immediate assistance given to someone who’s injured or ill with the goal of preventing the situation from worsening until full medical treatment is available. In more severe cases, providing first aid can save someone’s life until medical experts arrive and take over. 

CPR is short for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation which is an emergency procedure that is part of first aid training and used to try and save a person who’s breathing or heart have stopped. The procedure consists of chest compressions that aim to mimic the way the heart should be beating. 

AED is short for automated external defibrillators. This is a machine that sends an electric shock through a person's body with the goal of restarting their heart. It is often an essential part of the CPR process and in many cases, they go hand in hand. 

Why should I learn to perform First Aid and CPR?

Unfortunately, almost 9/10 people who suffer from cardiac arrest outside of hospitals lose their life. However, if CPR is performed quickly and correctly this can significantly increase their chances of survival. 

Learning how to give first aid and perform CPR will not only potentially save someone's life but it will also make you more confident in case of emergency. It’s a useful skill to possess that shouldn’t take too much effort to learn, but could prove extremely helpful. 

Is learning First Aid and CPR/AED difficult?

The simple answer is no. Being able to administer aid and perform CPR isn’t difficult as long as you’re prepared and know what you’re doing. If you’ve gone through proper training, you’ll know what to do and be able to perform under pressure.

The learning steps aren’t difficult themselves, however it takes practice to be able to react promptly and confidently when a real situation arises. 

Can I hurt someone while giving them CPR?

Realistically, yes, you can hurt someone while giving them CPR. You have to take into consideration that you’re pressing down a few centimetres into someone's chest. It’s entirely possible that some damage may be caused. However, it is important to remember that anyone who is in need of CPR is already in a life or death situation. By being prepared and administering first aid you can significantly increase their chances of survival. 

Is it expensive to get First Aid and CPR/AED training?

The cost of training will differ depending on where you go and how long the courses are. Usually lessons will take a few hours and can be spread out depending on your availability. Alternatively you can sign up for a half day or whole day course.

TutorExtra has a wide variety of different teachers who offer lessons starting around £30 and going up depending on the tutor. 

Check out TutorExtra and browse through our website full of qualified tutors who are ready to give lessons in over 1000 different subjects. Choose the one that fits your needs the best and start learning today. 

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