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Essay Writing Lessons Near Me

About essay writing

Every student will have to write essays at some point during their education. They’ll have to deal with them all throughout school and more than likely continue at university, depending on the degree they choose. This is not by accident. There are certain skills that every student must learn as they go from one stage to another in their academic development. One of the most important skills out of those is writing. 

Whether students believe it or not, writing plays a big role in their development and all those essays teachers give them aren’t punishments, but important lessons. Becoming proficient in essay writing has many benefits and the sooner students become good at it, the easier they’ll have it later on in their studies. 

What are the benefits of essay writing?

Although it might not seem like it at first glance, becoming a good essay writer has more benefits than you might have thought. While you learn how to write, you will slowly but surely improve your spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. All of those skills put together will vastly enhance a student's overall communication skills. 

Writing essays regularly will also improve students' creativity and imagination levels, especially when they’re younger. When we sit down and write, certain areas of our brain are activated like the frontal cortex which is directly correlated with our creativity. By writing on a regular basis, students will  go through countless ideas in their heads and learn how to choose the best ones. 

Furthermore, writing significantly widens your knowledge base. Before anyone starts writing, they learn how to read. In order to be good at essay writing, you have to do plenty of research. Regardless of the topic you’re writing on, you first need to learn about it. The more essays you complete and the more topics you research, the more information your brain will store which will also subsequently improve your memory as well!

Is essay writing only important during school?

Not at all, although essay writing is crucial for your academic success in school, it’s a skill that will benefit you later on as well. After you graduate and start applying for different degrees you’ll see that most universities require a motivational letter. This is a way for every student to make a first impression and show why they should be picked over others. Writing a motivational letter takes time and a lot of effort, however if you’re used to regularly writing essays, you’ll have a much easier time structuring your thoughts. 

Even after you graduate from university, most internships and job positions will require a cover letter explaining why you’re suitable for the position and should be chosen over others. 

Can I take lessons in essay writing?

If you’re not confident with your writing skills and need some help, there’s always a solution available. Regardless if you need someone to teach you the basics or to just read your essays and give you pointers, TutorExtra has the solution for you. We offer a variety of qualified tutors ready to help you in any way you need. Browse through our website and find the teacher that looks like the best fit for you!

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