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Bass Guitar lessons near me

About bass guitars

The bass guitar, or simply referred to as bass, is the lowest-pitched member of the guitar family, usually consisting of only four strings. While acoustic guitars have been around for centuries, the first electric bass guitar was developed fairly recently - in the 1930’s. It was created by a musician called Paul Tutmarc in Seattle, Washington.

In the 1950’s Fender started releasing the first mass produced electric bass guitars. The Fender Bass was revolutionary as it was smaller than the original and it allowed for musicians to easily transport their guitars to shows and on tours. 

Nowadays bass guitars usually come in two different styles - a solid body electric bass guitar and a hollow body acoustic version. 

Can you play bass if you already know how to play the guitar?

Up to a certain point, yes, a guitarist will have a significant advantage when it comes to playing the bass compared to a beginner. If you’ve played acoustic/electric guitars in the past you’ll be able to strum simple bass lines without having to learn almost anything new. Furthermore people with past experience will find it easier to become better quicker as well.

However, guitar experience won’t make everything as easy as you might think. Becoming a proficient bassist requires a lot of different skills and techniques that are unique to the instrument. 

Is a bass guitar easier to learn than an electric guitar?

This is a question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. The bass only has 4 strings which in theory would make it seem like the obvious and easier choice, right? Well it’s not that simple. While less strings might be helpful, they are much thicker and the guitar itself is larger and heavier than the standard electric guitar. 

At the end of the day, it all depends on how good you want to become. If you want to pick up an instrument as quickly as possible and start jamming with your friends or in a band, then the bass guitar will probably be the quicker option. However, if you truly want to become a master, neither instrument will be an easy task. Becoming proficient in any instrument will take time and effort, so choose something that truly brings you joy and keeps you motivated. 

Is learning to play bass guitar expensive?

As with any other instrument the cost will entirely depend on how you decide to learn. You can decide to buy your own guitar and practice on your own through videos or with the help of a friend. Then your only price would realistically be the guitar itself. However, if you want to improve faster, you can find a teacher who will show you the ins and outs and give you regular lessons.

TutorExtra offers a wide variety of qualified tutors in over 1000 subjects. Prices for bass guitar lessons start from around £15 and can go up to £50 depending on the tutor and their expertise. Browse our website and find the perfect tutor for your needs. 

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