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Art Lessons and Courses Near Me

Art lessons and courses

Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” One of the best ways to encourage a lifelong love of the arts is to enrol in art classes. Art classes are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. It also doesn't matter if you are a professional or amateur in art. When you have a private lesson with a teacher in art he will guide you through everything and every lesson will be made especially for you and your skills. 

During art lessons you will learn the basics of art, the most important techniques and of course about art history. Teachers have different approaches in art lessons but everyone is professional in this field and they will provide you with information that will help you improve your skills with every lesson. During art lessons you will practise many different skills with different materials. For every lesson they will tell you what materials you will need. 

Art lessons can help you if you plan to create a portfolio for an application in a university or art school. We have teachers who can help you create your best portfolio and prepare you for art exams. Art lessons are fun, they include a creative process and we recommend them to everyone who wants to be more creative. 

What are the Benefits of art lessons 

Art lessons and courses can provide many different and useful benefits, depending on your age and type of art you wish to study. One of the benefits is that art can help improve fine and gross motor skills. This is especially important for young children. With so many different types of art – from painting to sculpture to drawing – a variety of tools and techniques are required.

Art classes teach children how to properly hold a paintbrush, pencils or markers and build hand muscles while playing with clay. Older students will benefit by learning proper painting or drawing techniques, and even build muscle when learning to create more physically-demanding forms of art like sculptures.

Another reason is that creating means learning to make decisions. During the creative process we often go through a stream-of-consciousness period at the beginning of a project, then go back and strategically make decisions, revising our ideas until we are satisfied with the finished product. Art is equal parts innovation and problem-solving. Through continual art education, children are instructed to be more strategic in their decision making, which they eventually carry over to the adult world of work, relationships and home life. 

Are art lessons and courses expensive?


Art lessons and courses may cost a lot less than you think. Investing in them is a wise decision. Lesson prices vary between £35 and £60 depending o n the type of study, location, your age and type of teacher. TutorExtra allows you to browse hundreds of different art teachers and tutors. Simply enter the subject and location to view a list of available experts. Then instantly send messages to your top choices.

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