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Applied Mathematics 

Applied mathematics involves the application of mathematics to problems which arise in various areas, e.g., science, engineering or other diverse areas, and/or the development of new or improved methods to meet the challenges of new problems. Thus, applied mathematics is a combination of mathematical science and specialised knowledge. The term "applied mathematics" also describes the professional specialty in which mathematicians work on practical problems by formulating and studying mathematical models. 

Applied mathematicians working in industrial research and development may develop or enhance mathematical methods when solving a difficult problem. Some mathematicians, called cryptanalysts, analyse and decipher encryption systems—codes—designed to transmit military, political, financial, or law-enforcement-related information.

Applied mathematicians start with a practical problem, envision its separate elements, and then reduce the elements to mathematical variables. They often use computers to analyse relationships among the variables, and they solve complex problems by developing models with alternative solutions.

What are the topics studied in applied mathematics?

In applied mathematics, teachers look for important connections with other disciplines that may inspire interesting and useful mathematics, and where innovative mathematical reasoning may lead to new insights and applications. Applied mathematics is not an easy field and many interesting topics are covered during the lessons. Topics included are Combinatorics, Computational Biology, Physical Applied Mathematics, Computational Science & Numerical Analysis, Theoretical Computer Science, Theoretical Physics and Data Mining. 

Why study applied mathematics?

Applied Mathematics is an interdisciplinary field of study and research, linking mathematics with biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, ecology, economics, finance, physics, sustainability science and many other areas of application. A career in applied mathematics is more than just crunching numbers. Instead, it involves solving real-world problems and making an impact in the world. Companies are hiring more and more applied mathematicians every year. Studying applied mathematics allows you to contribute to society, have fun working in a wide variety of fields, satisfy your curiosity by asking questions and finding answers, and potentially earn lots of money. It is definitely a field where you can develop a lot of knowledge and apply for many interesting job positions. In the modern world we live, with technology developing every second, more and more mathematicians are needed. 

Are applied mathematics lessons and courses expensive?

The concept that applied mathematics lessons are expensive and not worth it is totally wrong. Actually they can be quite reasonable. Investing in applied mathematics lessons will definitely pay off later in life. There are many good job positions that you can apply for with knowledge of applied mathematics, so if you invest in extra lessons for this subject, you are much more likely to achieve better grades and a suitable job. With TutorExtra you can find the best applied maths teacher for you and choose the right time for your lesson. You can find applied mathematics lessons and courses starting from £15 up to £60. Some teachers can offer you a first lesson for free. Don't hesitate to hire your private tutor now and upgrade your applied mathematics skills!

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